Gas Pipe

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Interesting Bust Out Hand today at Foxwoods 500K of their Megastack Challenge.

Would like to share this hand history which is a close spot.

Important background information regarding the players in this this hand history.

Hero: (Stack: 300K) has been active lately. To some maybe too much.

Button: (Stack: 550K, Table Chip Leader) solid and competent player. Been building his stack since the start.

BB: (Stack: 250K) has been aggressive and fighting for pots. Always opening pots in late position and defended his blinds. A good aggressive player.

Blinds 3000-6000-6000 | Day 2 in the money for some time.

Hero opens UTG+1 to 15K and the Button and BB call.

FLOP: Jd Td 7x

Checks to Hero and continues for 45K.

After slight delay the Button calls and the SB shoves all in for 235K behind.

Hero reshoves, all-in and the Button snap calls.

Our hands:
Button: 89
BB: Kd Qd
Hero: Ad Ac

Run out: Brick Brick
Good Game !

This situation I call the Gas Pipe.

Let me explain, I don’t know what to make of the flat from the Button on the Flop. His range is pretty wide as well as the BB.

This is a shitty spot when facing this decision. So many draws.

The Flop does smack the calling ranges of the PF callers.

Because I don’t have relative position it makes my situation a very close decision. I felt confident I was ahead of the shoving range of the BB, past history has planted that seed in my head.

However I was stuck in the middle, no idea what’s the Button was going to do.

I after concluding I believe the button folds all hands except what he exactly has it sets and two pairs.

So it’s a cooler for sure. I got the gas pipe because of my position. If the Button raises my Flop CB and SB ships this is an easy fold, as ranges are more clearly defined.

Can anyone find a fold after the BB ships?

Also, I can not see how I can check Flop with this texture. It’s too wet to let a card peel off. I think it’s a must bet Flop. I got caged but should I have played it more passively?

Should I be denying equity or realizing my equity in this situation.

Lastly this could be an important factor, if we fold, we still have 40BB does that change anything? Tell you the truth, folding was low on my decision list.

Live an learn !!!


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