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Going to be teaching my mom Limit O/8 starting next week. She has played limit Holdem for about 20 years, plays 20-40 and is a winning player. She likes to learn by reading, are there any good Limit O/8 book that I can have her read along with the sessions that we have? Also I have arranged with 7 competent O/8 players to play 3 three hour 1-2 limit sessions to help her get used to having to play 2 and looking for the low and they have agreed to allow me to coach her during play for the first session. Also are there any good beginner O/8 web based info?


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    It's old, but I really like "How to win at Omaha High-Low Poker" by Cappelletti.

    The LO8 chapter in Hwang's first Omaha book is succinct. If you're ever considering playing PLO you could pick that up.
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    Like TGK posted Cappellettis How To Win @ Omaha High-Low Poker is one of the oldie but goodie books out there on the 8 or better variant of Omaha. For myself I started out by reading Steve Badgers website I met Steve or Lunch Time Steve as he was know at The Bicycle Club in Bell Gardens CA when I got my start in poker before the televised poker boom. The 08 articles on his website are imo good for a hold-em player transitioning to O8. During this time I also read Ray Zees Books on Split Pot Games.
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    Zee's book is good and if you ever want to play Stud-8 as well it's an obvious buy.
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