Live $60 tourney. Flop 522 1 SPR

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Hello everyone.

This is my first live hand post. I have been studying RCP material for quite some time now as i really want to work hard on my game. I never play online so i will try to be as precise and relevant as i can be.

I have AJ offsuit in the small blind with about 10000. I believe blinds are 150 - 300. The pot gets 2 or 3 limpers and i raise to 2000. The BB calls and she has 2000 remaining after the call. Another player calls and he has 6000 after he calls. (I actually thought he had about 4000 but i was wrong in my initial estimate.)

Flop is 522. Im not concerned about the bb as she has only 2000 left in a 7k pot. The other player is an old man who is obviously very PP heavy in his range. I hate to check and concede im this spot. Should i bet and how much? In realtime i went all in the bb folded and the old man called with 88. It bricked out and i was crippled.


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    The precise blinds, number of limpers, and presence of antes matters here since this may just be a preflop shove.

    As played... I mean these guys are clearly so dreadful there's something to be said for check-folding and using your skill edge later. Against one opponent I think shoving flop is fine. Against two, with one being pocket-pair heavy, it seems close between shoving and giving up.
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