3 players left MTT did i make a mistake shoving 88 here?

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Hello everyone.

Im happy to say i just won my first ever live MTT about an hour ago.

There is one hand that i am thinking about that most people would auto shove but looking at it in hindsight i may of made a mistake due to the situation.

1st place pays exactly 1380 (i would know). I cant recall the other 2 payouts but i believe they were about 760 and 525

The 2 gentlemen remaining are both older. Blinds are 15/30k. I am in the sb with just over 300k. The bb has me slightly covered. the btn has about 120k.

The btn is a very weak player. He has never raised preflop once. Often limping hands that were quite obviously worth raising/shoving. He was also playing totally fit or fold (in fact, hes held his cards making it he was obvious he was mucking after he checked. This has resulted in me playing completely smallball in limped BVB with him. He actually was the chip leader but he has bled about 200k in situations like this as me and the other player were ridiculously bluffing him out of pots.)

The button folds this hand and i have 88 in the SB. I think very briefly and decide to shove. I dont want to raise 3x because i dont want to play a flop OOP and i dont want to face a shove preflop either. I shove and the BB folds A5 faceup.

Because the button was so terrible should i have taken a different line instead of risking going out in 2nd place? The bb and I obviously had the same strategy as we were playing very small ball against eachother.


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    When you shove, you're typically the one exerting the ICM pressure. This strongly disincentivizes the BB to call. At 10bb picking up the blinds and antes is incredibly valuable. I think the way to look at this spot is the BB isn't going to get involved with you until the weak player busts, so in preparation for the HU battle, grab as many chips as you can.

    To put it another way, I'd have to check, but wouldn't be surprised if you should be shoving ATC here.

    And many congrats on the win!

    Additional: you're so shallow it doesn't matter much that BTN is not good at poker. They have 4bb and are in the BB next hand. The only mistake they can make is to fold if HU.
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  • Jb213Jb213 Red Chipper Posts: 10 ✭✭
    I guess i should of mentioned this tournament has no antes
  • Jb213Jb213 Red Chipper Posts: 10 ✭✭
    I am curious if i actually should be shoving ATC. Especially considering i was taking a different line with a very good hand
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    Jb213 wrote: »
    I am curious if i actually should be shoving ATC. Especially considering i was taking a different line with a very good hand

    Check here: https://www.holdemresources.net/
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