Peppermill Reno 1/2NLHE Hand 12/28/19

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Reno tends to be a little sleepy when it comes to poker. I remember in the 1990's there was hardly any to be had, but I'm happy to see more of the casinos opening rooms. I played 1/2NLHE in the Peppermill on Saturday the 28th. 11 tables were active with at least one 2/5NLHE running. Most were 1/2NLHE.

The table I sat at was mostly loose passive. After multiple players have limped a $20 raise will not thin the field. This makes for low SPR play and a relatively straightforward game.

There was one LAG player to my left that I ended up playing an interesting hand with.

Hero in HighJack with 110BB

Preflop: limp, limp, limp, Hero ( :Ks:Qs ) Raise to 10BB, cutoff calls, Villain (LAG) calls, Blinds Fold, limpers call.

Pot: 61BB, SPR: 1.4
Flop : :Kc:Jc:5d

check, check, check, Hero Checks, cutoff checks, Villain bets 37.5BB . fold, fold, fold, Hero Calls, cutoff folds.

Heads Up
Pot: 136BB
Hero's Stack: 62.5BB , Villain covers.
Turn: :Kc:Jc:5d:Ts

Hero Checks, Villain bets all-in. Hero is getting 3 to 1. We have top pair with probably the best kicker since Villain would have most likely 3 bet preflop with AK. If we are up against 2 pair or better we now can draw to the straight. Since Villain is aggressive he could have a lot of hands here. Most likely a draw plus pair, two pair , maybe a flush draw, or air.

River: :Kc:Jc:5d:Ts:Kd

Hero: Turns over :Ks:Qs, Villain doesn't show and racks up.

I guess the only consequential decision we had was whether or not to bet the flop. Being in the middle of the pack I checked. Some hands before I was check raised by preflop limp/callers who hit and then want to get it all-in. But I probably should bet it myself given the pacivity of the table, and the low SPR. The LAG on the Button made sure that the hand didn't check through and maybe was emboldened to bluff by my check.

Cutoff exclaimed after the hand that he had pocket tens and folded because of the large bet and call on the flop. So again, Hero probably should have bet the flop with plans to get it all-in.


  • Chris_VChris_V BoiseRed Chipper Posts: 74 ✭✭
    SPR should read: 1.6 still just incredibly low for a single raised pot.
  • karbynkarbyn Red Chipper Posts: 115 ✭✭
    This is a good spot for an overbet. As you note, you have top pair, prob top kicker. Anything A-9 or club will make hard decisions for us, esp MW. A shove can get draws to commit, or pairs to think we're drawing. Best of both worlds.

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