My Biggest Pot of 2019, Need help on how to analyse this hand?

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This is a home game we play $1 SB and $1 BB. We have mix of players who are chasing gutshots and very fit and fold players as well. This hand happened after 4 hours of play, Where everyone is looking to recover the loss so far or trying to protect the wins.

SB $1
BB $1
UTG opens to $25 ( Big raise from UTG and he is a fairly new player to our group. The only time he showed his card, I saw him opening with a pair of 4 for $15) has around $500
UTG+1 Calls $25 ( Doesn't understand poker, Calling station and a maniac chaser) has around $350+
UTG+2 calls $25
MP1 calls 250+ ( He is same has UTG+1 but has around 30% opening range and pushes all in for any top pair/over pair or flush draw. He always plays with short stack ( $40). This case he won a big all in and has this much chips.)
MP2 Folds
Pot 102
CO - Hero - has :KS::KH: (My thought process was, I don't want any Ace X combination to continue and wanted to take the pot right there.) Raised to $125

Button, SB,BB Folds
UTG hesitantly calls
UTG+1 calls
UTG +2 folds
MP1 Calls
MP2 Folds

Pot is $625

Flop came :3S::4S: S: :TC:

Everyone Checks around and the Action is on me at CO. There is a flush draw and i have two good chasers staying alive( UTG+1 and MP1) and no Aces are there yet. I wanted to protect my hand and also take a chance to push the chaser away. So I went All in ,Hoping to take the pot right there.

UTG - Fold
UTG+1 and MP1 Shoved as well ( Poor judgment from me I was hoping they will fold but they all shoved)

Turn was :8D: and River was :JH:

UTG+1 showed is hand he had two spades and chasing a flush.
UTG+2 mucked

This was a $1K Pot.

My question is, I strongly believe my Raise is a very good raise considering the situation? Any thought, Or is there any other game left. I definitely will feel uncomfortable to continuing if the flop is supporting Flush/Straight or Paired...

The other questions, Is it a good move to shove or Could I have put 1/3 bet and get 2 more bet on Turn and River? I have lost lot of time all the chips in the same situation same move ( with QQ , Re raised and some one had KK or Aces arriving on the Turn or River). The only thought process for me is, if i keep small bet then everyone will continue and any flush/Straight supporting flop will put me in a very difficult spot. Am I being conservative here?

As this is a home game people play with very wide range. Any suited any gapper any pair..


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    The only mistake I see is in hoping everyone folds on the flop. Why would you want anyone on a flush draw or straight draw or AT or A4 or JT to fold? It doesn't matter that your odds of winning the hand go down, the pot size gets bigger faster than your odds of winning go down. That's not necessarily true, it depends on how much you have (you didn't say) and what hands they have. Sometimes you actually do want to take it down right there, but I'm not sure how you can say shoving is "bad judgement" on your part. If they call they call, nothing you can do about it.
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    Your SPR had to be less than 1 in a 625 pot (probably closer to .25 judging from the final pot size). You have the K of spades. Shove here without a second thought as you were already committed on any non ace flop.

    Also, can I join your home game? 3 players calling 125 bb pre is a goldmine.

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