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Steve MSteve M Red Chipper Posts: 49 ✭✭
Game = $1/$2 = 9 Players

Saturday Night. High Hand Promotion running that always attracts a mixed crowd.

Odd table for 1/2. A lot of competent players at the table. A couple of decent stacks around $600+. No real short stacks or obvious fish (I know I know, if you can't spot them, it means...). A lot of 3-betting preflop, not many limped pots, not many limp-calls preflop. Good, smart betting after the flop. Certainly not very standard for 1-2.

Hero = $450 = About 2 hours into session. Up from $300 starting stack. Have been one of the more active players at the table in terms of 3-betting pre-flop, raising limpers from the small & big blind but have been catching cards. The only hands that have gone to showdown were strong ones. Won a nice pot with A,K on a K,6,4,6,10 board when I check-called the river to get the villain to bluff. My image may be a little splashy but I think I'm respected as a tough player at this point, I had noticed some players seemed to be playing back at me recently though so my gameplan was to tighten up for the time being.

Villain #1 = $250 = Older Man directly on my right. Good, solid player. He had $600 when I sat down at the table but was now playing around $250. I felt he was tilted now & really started playing loose. He was opening to $12 frequently now from any position over any amount of limpers or first in. He was limping more before, but I had been raising his limps more & more without much resistance. When he started raising to $12, I had only 3-bet him once from the button with 10-7 suited & won the pot with a c-bet on a ten high flop with no showdown. He seemed to be getting frustrated with me & some other players and was taking stands against raises now without much success.

Villain #2 = $300 = Older guy, odd playing style. Quick action, was walking away from the table to place sports bets and would be away 15-20 minutes at a time, Not much history with him but when he was in a hand, he was playing solid. Across the table from me so we had not really mixed it up with each other.

I am questioning a lot of parts of this hand so input on all levels is appreciated.

Hero = :Qc:Qh

UTG = Folds
UTG+1 (Villain #1) = Raises $12
Hero = Raises $35
Folds x 2
Cut-Off (Villain #2) = Instantly calls $35
Button/SB/BB Folds
UTG+1 (Villain #1) = Calls $35

I hate my pre-flop raise size but that was my sizing on previous 3-bets and I was having success. I don't mind going a little smaller with position but I should still be near $45-$50 I think. My 3-bet pre-flop raise sizing is a leak I need to plug.

Villain #1 is going to have a wider range here once the other player calls. The way he is playing, he's not going anywhere.

Villain #2 calling instantly wasn't too odd. I immediately range him on a pocket pair under 10's. I feel like he would have hesitated slightly with a bigger pair or AK/AQ type hands though he was a little unorthodox so I can't rule them out completely.

Flop = $108


Villain #1 = Checks
Hero = Bets $30
Villain #2 = Calls $30
Villain #1 = Calls $30

I'm going to bet my entire 3-betting range small on this board. I know that I have tightened up my 3-betting range but my opponents probably still think I'm pretty wide from how active I've been so 2 calls was not too surprising. My plan is to bet 1/3-1/4 sized pot on the flop & then fire 3/4 pot bet on safe turn cards. I like my hand on this board. Not too worried about many 5's & only pocket 6's have pulled ahead. I know I don't have the Queen of Diamonds so I don't block any flush draws. I feel Villain #1 has more flush draw possibilities & Villain #2 is still most likely to have a pocket pair.

Turn = $198


Villain #1 = Bets $75

Hero = ???


  • Jordan PowerJordan Power Red Chipper Posts: 530 ✭✭✭
    I don't think the preflop sizing is bad. It's a buck under 3x, you'll have position a decent chunk of time even though you aren't in LP. I think there's a case to be made about going bigger if V1 is tilted and might do a frustration shove as I expect we would be pretty willing to get QQ in pre vs this V as described, but I wouldn't lose sleep over the preflop sizing, personally.

    OTF, I Iike the bet and sizing. Given stacks, if both Vs call, which they do, you could shove a ton of turns and put their mid pocket pairs in a serious bind as I think you stand to have the best hand OTF the majority of the time. $200 in the pot, 235 max left in play with V2. Not an unreasonable shove at all.

    OTT, think I'm just gonna shove. V1 only has $110 left by my count and unless he has JJ or the rare (given eff stacks) KK, he's behind. He could very reasonably have something like AJs or KJs which could just take a card for a nice price OTF hoping you missed (maybe not but you said he was tilted). Moreover things like QJdd or JTdd might choose to bet this small to build a pot and ensure it doesn't check around again if you and V2 just had overs. Might have raised flop but he got such a nice price to take a turn, perhaps not. Setting his own price on a diamond or straight draw is possible as well, be nice if he put it in bad with that.

    I think raising also has benefits to target V2s mid pocket pairs that probably should fold but may not. He also may have something like AJ that took a card, same as V1, and now might be inclined to get it in. Moreover, he could have things like AK and AQ that him folding is not the absolute worst thing (and he's probably folding those once we call V1s bet anyway). And if he's got a diamond draw or straight draw, we also give him the option to get it in behind.

    So I think I've talked myself into a jam to give V1 and V2 both an opp to put their money in bad (which I think will be fairly often although sometimes we will run into it here).
  • LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 657 ✭✭✭
    I think sizing pre and c-bet are fine.

    I agree with @Jordan Power we shouldn't be worried on the turn, but I think calling is the superior option. We don't really benefit a lot from protection, and you invite V2 to come along and get more value that way - at least there's a higher chance than by shoving.
  • In The DarkIn The Dark Red Chipper Posts: 241 ✭✭✭
    Steve M wrote: »
    Game = $1/$2 = 9 Players
    A lot of 3-betting preflop, not many limped pots, not many limp-calls preflop. Good, smart betting after the flop. Certainly not very standard for 1-2.

    I go home now.
  • CASEY MCASEY M Red Chipper Posts: 168 ✭✭
    edited January 2020
    I think I’m 3betting at least 4x here. Table is used to 3bets and the pfr is playing rather tilty. 4-6x is super exploitative but i think this is a prime spot for such a play.

    This cbet size works best HU, IMO. There are lots of draws in V2 range that will pick up equity on turn. V2 should be raising combo draws. Which will be hard for him to fold a lot on turn.
    V1 is calling with almost entire range here so i think a larger size is viable here. I’d probably lean closer to 60% pot.

    V1 turn lead looks like he has some legit equity. I don’t think V1 is folding a lot here. Jx, Diamonds and 5x aren’t folding and probably not 78 either.
    V2 should have some pp and broadways, I’d expect a lot of V2 draws to raise flop.
    So if we raise turn, all J in both opponents range are calling and V1 is calling with a lot of equity vs us.
    I think a flat here is best with intent to shove certain rivers, but not a ton.

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