How to adjust shove ranges when opponents call wide?

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Hello team,

I noted that I make it to the SNG bubble often, so I decided that my short term study plan would be to improve bubble play, as that seems to be the lowest hanging fruit for increasing win rate. One of the questions that I jotted down was how to adjust shove ranges against opponents who call too wide.

I understand ICM and the math behind it - I even built my own 5 man ICM calculator in excel - but I'm still a noob on how to adjust the inputs (ranges, etc) in either pokerstove or ICMizer or hodemresources or Simple Nash to see how to adjust my strategy (I use pokerstove equity as an input into my spreadsheet, and compare it the output to ICMizer or holdemresource outputs).

Are there any suggestions as to how to adjust for wide callers, and also any insight on how to use the calculators to adjust for this (and other) scenarios?

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