ICM and Short Stacked Deep Tournament Runs

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some advice and thoughts on how to deal with a situation that comes up a lot when making deep runs in tournaments. The tournaments I play have around 30-50 players with top 3 or 4 paid although players sometime cut a deal to pay the fifth player. The blind structure mean that when it gets down to say the final 9 players is sitting on less than 20BBs.

I know that ICM considerations suggest that if I have say, 15BBs and there's a few others with much less (e.g. 2-5 BBs), I should tighten up and let them bust. But what about if everyone is sitting on more or less the same amount? How, if at all, should my opening range be altered in response to this situation?

Here's an example where I'm not sure if I made a costly mistake:

With 7/38 players remaining:

Seat 1 = 17bb.
Seat 2 = 12bb
Seat 3 = 17bb
Seat 4 = 18bb
Seat 5 (Hero, BTN) = 11bb
Seat 6 (SB) = 9 bb
Seat 7 (BB) = 10bb

Payout (approx)
1st = 5800
2nd = 3200
3rd = 2000

Here I open jam 88s and get called by BB with KQs. Was this a punt or okay? What's the weakest hand I can jam here? Should I even be opening jamming? Is there a theoretically more sound strategy that involves limps, min raises etc? What's the general strategy for this kind of everyone short-stacked, near the money spots?

Thanks for the advice


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    Not a tourney specialist but this is an automatic shove for me.

    (assuming no antes)

    Life becomes easy when you can just stick to shove-or-fold preflop, though it's possible there are higher EV lines involving min-raising or limping but I'm not aware of them.
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    At 11bb you have no room to do anything but shove/fold, and from the button you should be shoving wide, particularly when you have both blinds covered. Just trust the push-fold charts. Yes, there are reasons to deviate from them, but if you're second-guessing shoving 88 here, you needn't worry about such deviations yet. But DO include ICM when you create them, it matters a lot.
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