Playing 2 Pair Multi-way

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Playing recently at a 7-handed $1/2 table, and this hand came up. The table has been mostly playing pretty passive. Mainly retired regs who are there to pass the time, socialize, and hope to hit the BBJ. Hero has been fairly aggressive in the last couple orbits as a result of having several strong hands and also having several good semi-bluff opportunities. The only other exception to the passive play is the SB in this hand, who has been doing a lot of weird stuff. Leading into the PFR and ultimately showing down K7 that had no pair or no draw, calling down 3 streets multi-way with A-high, etc. He is unpredictable, and easily the worst player at the table.

in this hand, hero is in the straddle (optional, but 3-4 other players were doing it to try to liven up the game and I was happy to oblige since I was able to pick up so many pots). UTG, +1, HJ, CO ($280), BTN, and SB ($175) all limp. BB folds, and hero ($600) checks his option with :6c:9c

Flop: $24 - :Kh:9s:6d
I'm very happy to have flopped fairly well, but it's still a vulnerable hand, especially against 5 other opponents. For that reason I decide to size up a little bit and bet $18. CO and SB call, so we go to the turn 3-handed.

As I said above, SB is a bit crazy. He had been leading a lot, so I was actually a bit surprised that he just check called here, especially in a limped pot. He could still have a very wide range here. CO is basically the total opposite. She is very straight-forward and passive, and never does anything out of line. I expect her to fold her gutshots like JT or QT and to only continue with a K, 78, or call a 9 once to see if I bet again on the turn.

Turn: $75 - :5h
In some ways I like this card, and in other ways I don't. The most obvious straight draw comes in. A smaller thing, but it's the same suit as the K so there is no top pair + flush draw possibility. I think if the SB had 78 he would have just led the flop, so I'm not too concerned about him. And since the older lady in the CO plays so straightforward, I think this is still a good spot to bet for value. She will never raise anything short of the nuts here, even if she had slow-played something like K9 on the flop. Since the board is getting more coordinated and I still have 2 opponents, I decide to size a little on the larger side again and bet $55. Certainly not unreasonable, but a big turn bet for this game. Both players call again, leaving the CO with about $200 left and the SB with about $100 going to the river.

River: $240 - :Qc
SB checks, and action is on hero. Neither opponent has shown any aggression in this hand, but they have also both called somewhat large bets on 2 streets already. If I check the CO will never be bluffing, and I don't think she will value bet anything worse than KQ. She checks back waaaay too many rivers. So I have that as the nice safe option, but I also don't want to miss out on value from one or both of them holding a K. I think if the CO just had a K she would fold to a bet with the SB still to act behind her, but I think if the SB had a K he would call without hesitation. Long story short: is this a spot for a value bet, or is this too thin given that there are multiple opponents who haven't folded yet? And if it's a bet, is it best to jam or to use a smaller sizing?


  • LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 641 ✭✭✭
    I like your line. Indeed I would also bet on the river - there seems to be no value in checking to CO since your profile of this player doesn't suggest she will make thin value bets/bluffs.

    So you have two options really:
    - jam
    - bet 100

    Both would put SB all-in, but by betting 100 you could get CO to call with a hand like KJ.

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