PRO subscriber Home Game, February 26th, 9pm ET

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Hey everyone:

As part of the PRO group coaching series, we're trying something new in February that I know many of you have been requesting for some time. The details have yet to be worked out, but world traveler and RCP co-founder Doug Hull has committed to organizing a home game at the time indicated above.

If you'd like to get on the list, please e-mail Doug: [email protected] Further details will become available as soon as he returns from the jungle, assuming he can dodge tsunami, corona virus, dragons, etc.

Perhaps because I currently live 8 time zones left from where I was born, I am sensitive to the fact that the timing of all our GCSs is less than ideal for our growing number of Eurasian subs. And unlike the regular presentations, a replay of the session doesn't do you much good if you'd like to play. So... would you please DM me if you're somewhere in the vicinity of GMT and points east and you're interested in being part of a future home game that caters to your longitude. If you could include a time range that would work for you in a form that I can decode, that would be a great help.

Questions, comments, donuts...

Thanks ~ Kat
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