how to have a balanced range?

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I am a regular red chipper who has gone through the core once and some other products. I have played my strong hand strongly, Now the regular crowd figured about my range. I think my range is not balanced, I give lot of spots where I am capped. Is there any product in redchip to help me to construct a balanced range? Like what tool should I used to have pre flop balanced range.. I 4 bet my Aces, kings and some time based on position I do that to a5suited and Ak..I am trying to see an exercise that will help me to find what other hands I can include etc...

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  • AceBalaAceBala Red Chipper Posts: 40 ✭✭
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    johnathan Little has a number of video's webinars on youtube where he goes through a range such as your btn raise against mainiacle blinds (post below)....and how to balance your range...

    He uses a free tool range analyzer that can be very helpful.

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    With respect to Mr. Little, I'd argue that our paid content is superior to his *free* stuff. That's how the poker training economy works. I can put together a CORE/PRO list of material of the OP would find it useful. My point in referencing Jones' article was as a starting point. Ranges II in CORE is excellent for this area, and we have multiple PRO video series on range construction and balance.
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