Midstages of a $60 live MTT- I don't think I best utilized against my opponent

WassenaarWassenaar Red Chipper Posts: 48 ✭✭
In the middle stages of a $60 MTT. 15/38 p remaining.
2000/2000/1000 (BB Ante)

I have not been very active at the table throughout the MTT. My only showdowns have been from preflop all-ins a couple levels ago. Although table-dynamics should not be of high interest in this hand since my opponent sat down at my table an orbit ago.

Villain in this hand is known from a couple tournaments prior to this. He's loose/weak. Plays a way to wide range, normally calls way more than he should and is generally an easy opponent to play against in the value specter of things. Rarely raises.

UTG (Villain - cover) holds :JS::TS: , opens to 5 100
UTG+1, folds
HJ, folds
CO, folds
BTN, folds
SB, folds
BB (Hero - 51 700), holds :AD::3D: , calls 3 100

Flop (pot: 13 200): :TD::9D::6H:

Hero check.
V bets 7 200
Hero raise 18 000
V calls 10 800

V c-bet range is huge. I do expect a c-bet just about every time. When I raise I expect him to call TP, 88, 77, fd's, probably raise sets, overpairs, straights, and two pairs (yes, I do believe he will have all of those combos in his range here as well - at least the sc). His fold to 3-bet range here is going to be underpairs and everything else in his wide range that simply missed (including overs and backdoor flush draws etc.).

Turn (pot: 49 200): :7S:

Hero bet all-in 30 600
V calls 30 600

Assumption: Actual I view this as my only decision in this tournament of significant importance, and I'm just not sure. In general against a station like this I'm prepared to give up initiative on a lot of turns, simply thinking that my opponent is probably going to be stubborn with most of his flop calling range, and hopefully he'd be in a cheap showdown kinda mood. But once I see the turn my immediate reaction is somewhat like "That card is truly terrifying" and I push my chips in the middle after a few seconds. V claims to be very unsure about what to do in this situation, and calls after giving it about a 40-60 sec inside his mind.

River (pot: 110 400): :5S:

For everyone finding this interesting enough to review, please do! :) Some of my questions afterwards: How should I adjust to his tendencies on flop? For those more experienced with sizings, what does my flop 3-bet size accomplish? Is that good or is that bad?


  • MnpokerMnpoker Red Chipper Posts: 137 ✭✭
    You say that V is loose weak, that said I am ok with the pre call, not a fan of the check raise if he is weak he is only betting a made hand and being week/loose you will not bet him off a hand like top pair (in the future please do not disclose V's hand). On the turn not sure what you are trying to sell. I am guessing that you are a tighter player so V isn't going to give you credit for an 8 also if you had the 8 in a tournament of this size you are most likely checking or making a 1/3 to 1/2 pot size pot so the shove actually looks very weak. You had a lot of outs flush, straight, over card, That said I never shove there against a loose V, maybe against tight week but not loose
  • WassenaarWassenaar Red Chipper Posts: 48 ✭✭
    Thanks for the review @Mnpoker ! To clarify a bit on my reasoning. When you say V is only betting a made hand I disagree as stated in my assumption on the flop. I view him as weak, but my experience with this player (and most of whom I label weak/loose) that they flop c-bet too much as a standard "simple rule of poker" they know. I believe they are more inclined to simply give up on the hand after a flop c-bet failed if they simply missed and didn't approve. That being said... calling the flop and hope to see a river for cheap seems more merit to me as well.

    I totally agree with you that villain is not going to fold top pair, which makes me question this play myself... But what I try to sell nonetheless doesn't really matter to me when I play a weak opposition who simply doesn't care what I have anyway and would probably just put me on a random hand like they commonly do. Anyhow, in my view I'm representing a whole lot of hands here actually... (I believe I could be perceived as sets in the occasions I hadn't 3-bet them preflop, so heavily weighted down but still in there. I could have two pairs with T9, or a straight 98, T8) - At least in the eyes of a fairly weak opposition. And in the case those would actually be one of my holdings my turn bet would stay exactly the same expecting action from a lot of second best hands I have crushed with less than 1 SPR going into the turn. I believe a smaller bet size here with my value hands would lose me value from some of his range.

    What do you think?

    What line would you suggest here? Call pre, check/call flop, check/call most turns (- actual turn)?
  • sfx_beigssfx_beigs Red Chipper Posts: 59 ✭✭
    Would the villain bet if you checked the turn?

    It seems, based on the ranges you’ve assigned, the turn helps the villain more than it hurts. And if he’s loose weak, he’s not really considering your aggression as much as he’s considering “I’ve hit my hand.” I don’t think he’s getting away from whatever made hand he has in his range no matter how weak. So if you can’t get a free card, you’re in trouble.

    I may be wrong. I’m new at this analysis thing.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,535 -
    I think the thing to do here in retrospect is to range this properly. Low-stake tournament players are notoriously sticky, so it's possible he calls the turn bet with literally everything he called the flop check-raise.
    Moderation In Moderation
  • RoblivionRoblivion WisconsinRed Chipper Posts: 307 ✭✭✭
    This hand feels like lighting money on fire to me.

    I'm no expert at this stack depth or tournaments in general, but preflop I think either calling or folding can probably be justified depending on your postflop plans. You seem to believe he has a pretty wide opening range in this spot (I would disagree, since he's UTG and came in for a raise) so a 3-bet could possibly be in order, but only if you believe he will fold frequently enough. Given his description it sounds like he would not.

    On the flop, you say he can have all sets, straights, two pairs, overpairs, and would not be folding any of them. In short, the range you assigned him hit this board hard and you've decided to try to blow him off his hand. This seems like the wrong time to attempt the move especially when you can call and most likely get paid off when you hit. Also, I disagree that he has all these hands. The described player type is probably not coming in for a raise UTG with all these hands - isn't he more of a limper?

    Once you get to the turn, I don't think he's folding anything to a 60%ish pot bet. If your plan was to move in I think it would have been much more effective to either shove on the flop, or call the flop and shove later so the amount to call is putting him into a tougher spot.

    You started the hand with about 25 BB. You should be very choosy in this scenario and picking your best spots.
  • WassenaarWassenaar Red Chipper Posts: 48 ✭✭
    edited February 28
    Roblivion wrote: »
    This hand feels like lighting money on fire to me.

    Hi there. Thank you for your point of view and taking your time! Much appreciated :)

    After some review of myself, and help from earlier comments on this thread, I've ran some math and realize that I made a couple of mistakes in this hand. Although lighting money on fire seems harsh to me.

    Yes I agree with your 25 BB critical hand selection issue. Anyways my adjustment in similar spots at this point would simply be to come over the top on the flop, maximizing my fold equity - which is in my hindsight the biggest mistake to not seize. I believe my check/raise flop, show turn line to be profitable but sub-optimal.

    Let's assume he has a bigger limp range than my original assumption assumes. I'll give him an 11,5% linear range here (including JTs as showndown). Running my shove on a fold equity calculator I BE if villain folds 5%++. Do I think villain will fold more than 5%, yes. Did I make a mistake of 3-bet less than all-in, for sure. Should the money go in this hand nonetheless, I believe so.

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