PRO Live Coaching, March 25th, 9pm ET

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Our next live coaching session for PRO subs will be March 25th, 9pm ET.

Doug Hull and Ross Glover are teaming up again to look at common leaks; their origins, pernicious dangers, and how to plug the damn things.

Topics will include:

Marginal hands are marginal. There's surprising depth underlying this apparent tautology.

Why am I violating my ranges? A constant source of puzzlement to coaches. Why do people work hard developing solid preflop ranges, only to throw them out the window at the casino? (And yes, I know, casinos rarely have windows. Work with me here.)

Poker plays you shouldn't use. Switching up the theme from Doug's popular two-volume set, the guys discuss some common plays that should be thrown out the aforementioned non-existent windows.

Playing bluffing hands. Some hands are born to be bluffed. How do you recognize them and play them profitably?

Looking forward to seeing you there. As usual there'll be a Q&A, so if you can't make the live airing but have questions related to the above themes, please drop them below.

Thanks ~ Kat
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