A5 and A4 as a 3bet

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Absolutely love Splitsuit and putting together ideas for when I 3bet A5 and A4 suited.

1. Should I be doing this IP mainly? And/or against player types who fold too much if I'm OOP?

2. I've heard James say to just play poker from there if I get called AND if I bet once I should usually bet again (I'm assuming he meant the 70% model) so given that I'm thinking i should bet with any ace, 5, backdoor flush draws, or backdoor straight draws. So is it ok to give up on the hand if the turn doesn't make my hand better? If either backdoor draws aren't going to make it because the turn is a brick...

I guess I just want a good plan going forward with what I consider a marginal hand.


  • accessdeniedx2accessdeniedx2 Red Chipper Posts: 55 ✭✭
    Hand example: 3bet OOP with Ah5h.

    Flop is Qh10s2s. I'd Cbet this.

    Turn is 7c. I'd probably check/fold here
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    I think 3betting A5 and A4 is reasonable both IP and OOP. The first question to answer would be whether you have a linear or a polarized 3bet range, and A5, A4 would be part of that. The latter makes sense when villain is folding a reasonable amount against 3bets (say, 55%+).

    On the hand example that you give, I think the line is fine in a BB vs BU situation. Of course the bet sizes matter and the positions of the players defend their ranges. In think the flop works reasonably well to bet with your whole range at 1/3 pot sizing, because you have an advantage due to holdings such as AA, KK, QQ and TT that villain usually does not have. Ah5h specifically here has some equity, so I think its a fine candidate to bet.
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    IMO you need to think about what their range for calling 3 bets...and what type of hands they will continue with......on different types of boards...

    Are they going to call your 1/2 pot bet with Ace high, K high...backdoor flushes...crap and try to take it away on the turn...type thing..what about a 2/3 pot bet.

    Alexander Fitzgerald...loves to 3 bet loose raisers in position...one of his major exploits...

    But he also suggest giving up on most flops with 2 cards above a 9 and up. for him (mostly tournament players) he puts a lot of broadway hands in their calling range...

    For him GTO type approaches here, are just lazy,

    He approaches it by thinking what the 3 bet calling range looks like.
    Putting it in flop zilla....
    Looking at how often the need to call if you bet 2/3 pot (he likes 2/3 pot often since he does not know that 1/2 pot will fold out Ace high)...they need to defend 60%....

    He then looks at flop zilla and sees what type of hands they will have to call to get to that 60%. On low boards if they are not calling A high they are not getting there on most flops. On two cards above a 9 they often do, so you will need equity to barrel.

    Try it yourself....it a great drill for different boards, and ranges...
    And by doing it making assumptions and testing them...your assumptions will improbe as you find player types who show up with different ranges then you expect and call with hands you did not think they do.

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    I was very impressed by Alex's group coaching session he did for us, to the point I picked up his books. Smart character.
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  • accessdeniedx2accessdeniedx2 Red Chipper Posts: 55 ✭✭
    TheGameKat wrote: »
    I was very impressed by Alex's group coaching session he did for us, to the point I picked up his books. Smart character.

    Where do we listen to group coaching like that for pro members?
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