EV (only when you suspect that you are behind in the hand)

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Just as the title says: do you only calculate EV when you believe you are behind in the hand? If I had aces and for context, I'm HU with a Nit, the flop comes K39r. There would be no need there, right? But if I had JTs against that same Nit with the same flop, and he bet into me, THEN would be the perfect time to break out the EV equation, right? Or do I calculate EV every hand no matter what?


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    If your equity is greater then 50%, then your EV has to be + but you still
    often need to calculate EV in order to determine the best line, Which line has the highest EV.

    Your on the river....with the nuts...If they shove you don't need to calculate EV....folding 0 EV calling 100% EV..

    But if you have the nuts and the lead you need to chose between check/raising .. betting small or betting big you need to estimate the ev of each line.

    If you check he bets his bluffs (some %)/ his big hands and maybe some thin value

    If you bet small...he folds his bluffs (missed draws), raises his big hands. calls his good hands...and calls his bluff catchers

    If you bet big (say all in)..folds his bluffs, calls his big hands...calls some of his good hands...and folds all the rest...

    So here you have to calculate EV for each line (making assumptions about how he plays each part of his range)...to take the most +EV line
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    As @Eazzy mentions, there are very few situations in which our notorious "EV equation" is actually applicable in the simple sense we tend to present it. You can usually get a grip on your equity, but EV formally requires a multi-street analysis, and you're not using a solver in real time.
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