Been a good while

ROI RUINERROI RUINER Red Chipper Posts: 203 ✭✭
Haven’t top 3’ed and MTT all year but finally binked an MTT on Poker Stars Pennsylvania.



  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,171 -
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  • LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 636 ✭✭✭
    Sweet. Traffic on PokerStars EU has been bonkers
  • ROI RUINERROI RUINER Red Chipper Posts: 203 ✭✭
    edited March 26
    The traffic on Poker Stars PA is the same as well. People are stuck in their houses. The gameplay is reflective of that as well. So many air ball bluffs and people getting sticky with bottom pair and other stuff you only see from rec players. The preflop bet sizes were like 5bb in the later stages of the tournament and they were going multi-way. It was pretty fun actually. Lots of swings.

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