70% Model / Pyramid questions for 2z

PokerPascPokerPasc BelgiumRed Chipper Posts: 24 ✭✭
I just watched the CORE video on this and I have some questions.

My flop cbet is 71%
Turn cbet is only 45%
River cbet is only 44%

How big of an issue is this? I'm currently playing 2z, so I guess it's ok if these numbers are a bit lower, I'd say around 55-60% would be optimal?
What would good percentages be at the lowest stakes?

I have the same "issue" when calling:
Call flop bet: 47%
Call turn bet: 52%
Call river bet: 44%

Then again, I think people at the lowest stakes don't bluff enough, so it's probably okay if these numbers are a bit lower?
What should I aim for here?
I think my flop call should be around 60%, turn seems fine around 50% and river seems fine as well around 45-55%?

Is this something I need to focus on right now and improve or are there likely better things to focus on?


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,527 -
    My personal opinion is that tailoring your play specifically to align it with frequencies is unhelpful for most players. If someone is way off, then sure work on it, but you're not. For example, take your turn bet%. Sure it may turn out to be a little low, but equally it's possible that deviation is perfect for the game you're playing in, on the grounds the population is overfolding the flop and thus has a strong range on the turn.

    Similarly, and as you note, when opponents rarely bluff, your calling % should drop.

    So given your frequencies aren't dreadful, I'd suggest focusing on the fundamental reasons for, say, double barreling, rather than trying to converge to some magic number.

    Also note that, depending on your bet sizing, 70% might be the "wrong" frequency for you anyway.
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  • PokerPascPokerPasc BelgiumRed Chipper Posts: 24 ✭✭
    Thanks for the reply, interesting read!

    I was already thinking about how I would adjust these numbers to get them a bit higher and also reached the conclusion that I should just work on my barrelling strategy and figure out where I can bet more and where I can call more. Not just to get this number to 70%, but that could be a good guideline.

    I do think my turn and river betting frequencies need some work though.
    But like you said, I should probably just study barreling and the numbers should go up as a result.

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