How to play in very loose games

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I’m playing at 30 and 50nl right now and you’d think it was 2nl. Every pot is 4 and 5 ways. AA gets cracked by 86o or some other random garbage. It’s like a lottery. VPIPs on 4-5 players at the table are 70+ and it doesn’t even feel like a game of skill.

There’s no raise sizes that can Iso unless it’s a ridiculous size to take down the blinds. You never know where you are at in a hand because players can turn up with anything. Fold equity is zero literally.

What’s the strategy? Good hands don’t come often. It feels like waiting on a strong hand to get value with is simply playing catch up from all the lost money from entering the pot and folding when you miss the board the 60% of the time you do.

I’m clueless on how to play in these games. I’m hoping a 1/2 player can chime in with a suggestion.


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    With multiway action it doesn't matter that you usually miss the board because every pot offers a massive overlay. In other words, if every pot is 5-way and you win it 25% of the time, you're in gravy.

    Have you reviewed the CORE lesson on multiway pots?
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    I reread that and multi-way pots on The Course.

    I just watched the Pain Threshold video too just now.

    I’m at a table right now and I’m raising bigger preflop in an attempt to iso. It’s working a little bit. My raise sizes are about 6-9bbs.

    I’m playing the most exploitable strategy possible to see how it goes. Opening big with strong hands and small with speculative. I’m also doing more limping behind and with hands with a lot of playability (small pairs, SCs, suited As) and EP is very polarized.

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    I started Iso’ing really big. Especially from the CO and BU with everything playable. I know I have an edge. Everything is about position. I also pumped up my cbetting vs fish with wide ranges. Went for thinner value than usual.

    Next I am value betting ridiculous sizes. These fish call everything. I stopped focusing on things like bluff catching and focused solely on value. I don’t fight for pots. If I was beat or drawing but given bad odds I let it go.

    I have an ego thing about NSD winnings and let go of that. My NSD is tanking but my SD winnings is climbing and it is more significant.

    If I am playing from OOP my hand is huge and I charge 10bbs to enter the pot from the SB.

    Just had a 2.5 hour session using this strategy and finished at 59bb/100.
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    During my poker sabbatical, I faced a similar situation / room when I was playing in Budapest. Even if there is more to find as what was discussed, this old thread of mine could interest you:

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