Is this correct?

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" general, dynamic flops increase the value of having position, while static flops decrease the value." - Core Postflop 101/Flop Dynamics

I'm back over the road so I don't have all of my books with me. I would swear that Ed Miller stated the opposite. That a dynamic flop favors the OOP player/caller. Say the flop is A72r where a cbet can take down the pot a high percentage of the time. Contrasted with a flop of QsJs8c where the OOP player is incentivized to call(especially if he is confident about the implied odds you are offering)/check raise. This is amplified in a MW pot.

Please educate me......


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    CORE has it right. The idea is that the extra info we get with position is more important on a dynamic flop where the nuts is likely to change from street to street.

    It may be the case that if the OOP player was also the preflop caller rather than aggressor, that certain (mid-card) flops that may also be dynamic give them range advantage, but in the text you quote from CORE, the preflop aggressor is not specified.
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