On the bubble..is this a call?

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I was playing in an online $150 MTT which had 45 players. We were down to the bubble (7 players). For some history...I have a a TAG image and the villain 2 hands earlier just lost an all-in on a flush draw. He was down to 3+BB then nearly doubled up simply by going all-in on next hand with no callers. The following hand is below: It seemed to me that the Villain would have gone all-in at least a 40% range . With that in mind I was assuming he would shove a minimum of 40% range of hands which gave me around 55% equity. So I called and ran into a rather high pair. Payouts 2520, 1575, 882, 554, 431, 308. Was this appropriate to call based on ICM considerations?? As far as equity calculator is concerned I was putting up 14,648 to win 23,400 which is positive $6,278 EV.
DID I make a mistake on this hand based on ICM considerations?

Now I will further tell you that 2 orbits later I had 18,000 chips and he had 35,000 chips. He went all in and I had KK and he had 88. He flopped a set..I went on to make a flush and he a full house and I am the bubble boy.

PokerStars - 1400/2800 Ante 350 NL - Holdem - 7 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 4: http://www.pokertracker.com

CO: 113,768
BTN: 64,747
SB: 143,500
BB: 58,437
UTG: 20,471
UTG+1: 14,648
Hero (MP): 34,429

7 players post ante of 350, SB posts SB 1,400, BB posts BB 2,800

Pre Flop: (pot: 6,650) Hero has 8d 8h
fold, UTG+1 raises to 14,298 and is all-in, Hero calls 14,298, fold, fold, fold, fold

Flop : (35,246, 2 players) 4h Kd Ts

Turn : (35,246, 2 players) Qs

River : (35,246, 2 players) Kc

UTG+1 shows Qc Qd (Full House, Queens full of Kings)
(Pre 81%, Flop 92%, Turn 100%)

Hero shows 8d 8h (Two Pair, Kings and Eights)
(Pre 19%, Flop 8%, Turn 0%)

UTG+1 wins 35,246


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