do hit frequencies correlate with pot odds? or did i miswrite my notes

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Dear Ed Miller,
this question is giving me a head ache so im going to lunch and let it sink in. i think i wrote this line of notes to close to the other line because idk how i wrote this.

i understand that most people think if hit in terms of if they hit the flop instead of the hand in terms of rank order.

i understand that some hands are actually hits, like ak on 222 flop is a hit.

i understand that people continue based on if THEY think they hit.
sometimes regardless of the price.

i understand that pot odds determine when you should continue, baring unreasonable opponents.

but as i understand it, the pot odds don't necessarily dictate whether you hit or not?

the exact line i wrote was
"the definition of hit should vary with board texture"
and (in what looks like a note attachment right underneath i wrote) "in relation to the pot"....?
the next line is "40% is Ace heavy but alot of junk"

from the course series on RCP

btw i read the book too

im confused...
i think i miswrote this...


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    FrankDF wrote: »
    Dear Ed Miller,
    He left poker many years ago :0)

    FrankDF wrote: »
    but as i understand it, the pot odds don't necessarily dictate whether you hit or not?
    That's right. Your pot odds set up your needed equity to play +EV: If you have enough equity for the price.
    And introducing video about that is this one:

    A "hit" is more the abstract notion about what part of your range "like" the board. You can define a hit by being only "pair or better" or "pair or better and draws" etc. And as you pointed out, if the board changes, so do the "hits".
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    ok i see what you mean.....everything above the equity required to continue is the "Hit" so to i guess a true hit is a cross section between the rank of the hand based on the board texture AND its equity in relation to how much you need to continue..."i literally just reworded the damn thing" : )

    so what if an aggro keeps betting 2x pot... anything over 25% equity is a hit?

    so all the hands ranked 25% and up?

    can you ask a friend to jump in?

    ohhhh so the board determines its rank and the odds determine which ones to go with

    ohhhhhhhhhh and those that are just shy of what you need you can bluff those to get fold eq + raw eq so total eq is above what you need


    @TheGameKat thoughts?
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    It's going to depend on how much money there is left to play. In general, the bigger the bet you're facing, the lower your continuance frequency. That's just on general grounds of avoiding being auto-exploitable. So you can analyse through "Poker's 1%" if you want, or through solvers, or through population exploits.

    But yeah a "hit" in some sense is the convolution of where that hand sits on the equity ladder and the bet size you're facing.
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