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Ron KRon K Red Chipper Posts: 119
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Here are a couple of hands from my session. I put these 2 hands in the same post because they share a similar theme . I've always had a little trouble in these spots .

Hand #1

Me(MP) $85.17 - VP:17 PFR:13 AF:0.6 W:25|100 STL:30|90 3B:0|50 CB:20|0 N:16.42 Hands:60
P2(CO) $46.56 - VP:100 PFR:25 AF:1.7 W:25|0 STL:0|0 3B:25| CB:100|0 N:9.66 Hands:4
P3(BTN) $52.30 - VP:20 PFR:20 AF:Inf. W:50|0 STL:50|50 3B:9| CB:100| N:2.30 Hands:25
P4(SB) $21.61 - VP:40 PFR:40 AF:Inf. W:0| STL:0| 3B:0|0 CB:0|100 N:-3.80 Hands:5
P5(BB) $33.64 - VP:32 PFR:21 AF:1.2 W:45|40 STL:50|69 3B:4|50 CB:50|20 N:-48.68 Hands:72
P6(UTG) $77.26 - VP:32 PFR:8 AF:5.7 W:27|83 STL:18|57 3B:3| CB:100|80 N:27.26 Hands:71

Pre Flop: Me(MP) with [ :Ah , :Kd ]
P6(UTG) folds, Me(MP) raises 1.50, P2(CO) calls 1.50, P3(BTN) folds, P4(SB) folds, P5(BB) folds

Flop: ( :Ts , :4h , :5h ) (2 players) Pot (3.75)
Me(EP) bets 2.25, P2(LP) calls 2.25

Turn: :2h (2 players) Pot (8.25)
Me(EP) bets 5, P2(LP) raises 10, Me(EP) calls 5

River: :4s (2 players) Pot (28.25)
Me(EP) checks, P2(LP) bets 14.12, Me(EP) folds

Returns 14.12 to P2(CO)
P2(CO) wins 26.85

I always debate whether I should bet or check the turn here. Since I don't have much info on player 2 my guess would be checking would be better here . What do you guys think ?
Hand #2

P2(BB) $63.51 - VP:72 PFR:11 AF:1.7 W:36|50 STL:0|100 3B:0| CB:|0 N:44.97 Hands:18
P3(UTG) $16.05 - VP:23 PFR:15 AF:Inf. W:50|100 STL:0|100 3B:0| CB:100| N:-5.95 Hands:13
P4(BTN) $38.75 - VP:15 PFR:0 AF:1.5 W:25|0 STL:0| 3B:0| CB:|100 N:-13.50 Hands:13

Me(SB) $49.50 - VP:12 PFR:12 AF:2.0 W:25|0 STL:0| 3B:0| CB:50| N:-31.87 Hands:17

Pre Flop: Me(SB) with [ :Qd , :Qs ]
P3(UTG) folds, P4(BTN) calls 0.50, Me(SB) raises 2, P2(BB) calls 1.75, P4(BTN) calls 1.75

Flop: ( :4c , :Js , :3c ) (3 players) Pot (6.75)
Me(SB) bets 4, P2(BB) calls 4, P4(BTN) folds

Turn: :9c (2 players) Pot (14.75)
Me(SB) bets 7, P2(BB) calls 7

River: :Ks (2 players) (28.75)
Me(SB) checks, P2(BB) bets 14.37, Me(SB) calls 14.37

P2(BB) shows [ :Tc , :7c ]
P2(BB) wins 55.49

I thought he could have a lot of hands here on the flop. On the turn I think he has some pairs , a lot of Jx , maybe a pair and flush draw , some Ac-X and some flush combos. He has some fishy stats (albeit a small sample) so his range could be weak , strong , or somewhere in between . When the King hits the river and I check , I'm getting 3-1 and I think the reason I leaned towards the call is because the King was a "good" bluff card for him and I didn't think he had a King. If it was say a 7 of hearts I still probably call , not sure . I'm just wondering if it's better to check the turn here when cards like this come. What's your line here? After I thought about it for a while I thought folding the river would have been best.

Thanks for your time :)


  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    Hey bud,

    First hand (AK), pretty sure I like a bet on the Turn. Unfortunately, I don't expect that many folds specifically on the Turn. But it does set up some cool river spots where we can either value bet when we get there or use certain cards to run a Trip. This would not be available if we C/C Turn.

    Second hand, I like a slightly bigger raise bigger raise preflop.
    River is kinda gross. I think most players would Check back most Jx hands on river. Even AJ. With this assumption, as well as I don't think many bluffs are in their range, I think we can find a fold as played.
  • MarrekMarrek Red Chipper Posts: 104

    i usually barrel there. you have so much hand equity and fold equity, that i'd default to betting there.

    #2. I'd bet bigger pf, flop, and turn ( just slightly more), and xf river.
  • Ron KRon K Red Chipper Posts: 119
    On the AK hand what kind of rivers do you bluff on after an unknown raised the turn Mr. Soto?

    Even if I get a good card to trip don't you think my fold equity is significantly reduced after his raise on the turn?

    I do have to start thinking of running a river bluff sometimes in these spots, I'm just not that accustomed to firing here, but I will think more about bluff outs rather than just drawing outs which is something I rarely think about until the bluff out actually hits.

    Thank You
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    If we bet Turn, why are we assuming he is raising that already versus just calling?
  • Ron KRon K Red Chipper Posts: 119
    I understand what you mean by running the triple barrel on certain rivers if he calls.

    Sorry for the confusion and thanks for the help guys.
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    You got it Ron, keep them coming! :-)

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