Should my shoving range be tighter?

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I am playing a tournament with about 40 people left. Largest stack at the table is 30BB so we are not very deep.

I'm on the button in this example with AQ-Offsuit (about 18 BB stack)

Hi jack (Villian) makes it 2.5x pre flop

Hero on the button raises to 5.5x.

Folds to Villian and he jams for 22BB effective and has hero covered.

Hero tanks for a bit and makes the call

Villian Turns over AK and wins the pot, Hero Busts with 40 people

I am wondering if I should have just flat his raise, or is a 3 bet not a bad idea? a 3 bet might have got his smaller pairs to fold and some suited connectors.

Is calling this shove with AQ a bad decision late on in tournaments specifically in the money? Better decision if my AQ is suited?

Would love to hear back thank you.


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    HJ vs BTN I'd just 3-bet jam pre. It's a huge hand with that table position and stack depth.

    FYI V's jam can't be 22bb effective since you start the hand with 18bb.
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