Deep Stack QQ vs 65s

JoeOffsuitJoeOffsuit Red Chipper Posts: 468 ✭✭✭
Observed this hand in a deep stack online game last night, and thought it was worth sharing:

8-Handed 0.10/0.20 NLH Online
Players of interest:
MP: :Qs:Qd

LJ: :6h:5h

$80 effective stacks (400 BB) between members of interest

UTG fold
MP open to 0.60
LJ raise to 2.00
HJ fold
CO fold
BU fold
SB fold
BB call 1.80
MP call 1.40
Pot 6.10 (SPR ~13)

Flop: :9d:4h:8d
BB check
MP check
LJ check

Turn: :Qh
BB check
MP bet 2.65
LJ raise to 6.70
BB fold
MP raise to 17.70
LJ call 11.00
Pot: 41.50 (SPR ~1.5)

River: :2h
MP check
LJ bet 60.30 (effective)
MP call 60.30


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