$.10/.20 NLHE Zoom 6-Max: Did I Get Greedy on the River?

TonyGTonyG Red Chipper Posts: 16 ✭✭
Hero (UTG) ($20.63): :8s:8h Raises to $0.60
CO ($41.18): Calls
Villain (SB) ($22.48): Min-raises to $1.00. Hero Calls. CO calls.

Pot: $3.04
Villain ($21.48) leads for $1.60. Hero ($19.63) calls. CO ($14.18) calls.

Pot: $7.60
Villain checks. Hero ($18.03) bets $4.88. CO folds. Villain ($19.88) calls.

Pot: $16.88
Villain ($15.00) leads $2.20. Hero ($13.15) jams. Villain calls and shows :Ks:Kh

Would you have played it different? Should I have just called river given the suspicious line by Villain?

My post-hand review

Villain's pre-flop min-raise into 2 players is usually nutted (JJ+ and AK), but I get a great price (7 or 8 to 1) in position to call and try to flop a set. The flop is not very dangerous relative to Villain's range, so I think calling is OK to try and keep the CO in the pot as well. My turn bet sizing of ~64% should have been closer to 70% so that with one caller it sets up for a river jam of ~70% as well (I note that my river jam was 78%).

Villain's tiny lead on the river is very suspicious. It smells like KK or JJ (6 combos). It could also be a block bet with something like QQ, which doesn't pay off my jam. However, it could be AA (6 combos) or AK of diamonds (1 combo). So 7 combos I beat, 6 combos that beat me. Not sure if this is enough to justify a jam vs. a call? However, if all of these hands are in his range and he calls a jam with all of them, the math suggests yes.

PS. admittedly my thinking was not as logical in the moment as above. I remember thinking "if he just 2-outered me on the river, then so be it, it's a terrible beat". I need to work on being more rationale in the moment, so any feedback in that regard would also be appreciated.


  • EurocratEurocrat Red Chipper Posts: 73 ✭✭
    As played, I think the shove on the river is perfectly fine.

    My analysis differs a bit from yours in that I think his 3bet range is much more diluted in my experience and I would include hands like KQs, KJs, AJs, TT, 99 as well. The min 3bet is indicative that villain is a weaker player that might easily overvalue some good, but not great hands. So on the river he might bet/call you with something like KQs. I wouldn't expect KK to check all the time on the J river actually, and discount at least some combos of that.

    As concerns your line, I think you need to raise though. there are plenty of hands that you can get value from, and being multiway, there are plenty of turn cards that either going to smash you or going to kill your action (think any diamond...), so I'm not a fan of the slowplay.

  • TonyGTonyG Red Chipper Posts: 16 ✭✭
    Thanks Eurocrat. Good perspective on the wider min-raise range. My experience is that this is usually a very strong hand, but I can see how its unrealistic to conclude that it doesn't contain any other medium strength hands as you suggest.

    A key factor in my decision to slow play was the very tight range I put Villain on; my view was that his only realistic flush draw was AK of diamonds. However, if his range is wider, I lean more towards fast playing as well.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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