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Hi guys,
I decided that I should strip my poker and implement a simpler strategy for the limits I am playing in. And those are MTT 20-120$. The new strategy includes focusing on my value hands and reducing some bluffs like double and tripple barrels, river overbets for bluff, reverse floating, preflop 3bet bluffs and all that if I don't have exclusive information about my opponents that I can exploit. Another thing I want to try is tightening preflop up a bit by default and playing hands that are more +$ev and thus reducing the variance. Also reduce the % defence frequency postflop on all streets. Can you give me any advise?


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    >>"Can you give me any advice?"

    It is usually better to ask a specific question. Open-ended questions don't get as much love, since there are whole courses on MTT that are better suited to answering broad questions like this. Have you seen the new Tournament series in Core 2.0?

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    Having seen many of your HHs, I think those kinds of adjustments make a lot of sense for the buy-in range you're aiming at. They're basically all heading in the right direction to exploit the population at those limits.
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    My advice would be that while it seems reasonable at first, the bigger picture are the incentives that you are offered at each stage of the tournament and stack sizes. If you can reconcile your plan with that, it might be a good strategy.

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