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Hello Red Chippers,

I NEVER could imagine that I would EVER write these words:

I designed and created a poker app! Woohoo!

It began with a simple spreadsheet. Using Apple's Numbers software, I created a simple bet sizing calculator which I could pull up on my iPhone and use while playing online. But it was clumsy and slooooww. So, I thought, "How might I make this better? How might I turn this into an APP?"

Facebook is psychic, you know; and, after I ran a few Google searches on "how to create an app with absolutely no experience in coding," an advertisement, magically and suddenly, appeared on my Facebook feed. The ad was from a German tech company called

Well! Their service was not only perfect for me but their solution is wicked-cool and super-easy to use. I turned my spreadsheet into a damn cool app.

Since my app is non-commercial, it's free to share with the world. Essentially, it's a poker calculator and a dashboard geared toward playing poker tourneys.

It has 19 input fields and 76 output fields.

In other words, when you enter a few variables (your chip count, the BB, the ante, the effective stack, and so on) the app will do a lot of work for you and—instantly—provide loads of information for making +EV decisions.

It will calculate your chip status index (in both BBs and M) and help you with bet-sizing (both preflop and postflop). It's also got a simple EV calculator. And I even managed to squeeze in the Power Number System. (If you don't know already, the PN system is an equilibrium solution for shoving when you're short-stacked and far from the money. The PN system comes from Lee Nelson's, Tysen Straub's, and Steven Heston's book, Kill Everyone.)

What's remarkable about this app is its speed: It's snappy. And it's effective. I've been using it while playing online and finding it helpful.

Although I created this app for my own personal use to help me learn and practice and internalize modern bet sizing and poker strategy, I thought it might be worth sharing. Perhaps you will find it useful. You can run it on Android, iOS, and your laptop.

I'd LOVE to get some feedback and ideas from you. Give it a go. How might I improve, strengthen, and refine it? How does it work for you? Let me know what you think.

And now, without further ado...

Meet Poker Wizard


Go forth and conquer!

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