$.10/.25 NLHE Zoom 6-Max: Do I Need to Raise His Donk Turn Bet?

TonyGTonyG Red Chipper Posts: 12 ✭✭
Hero (CO) ($25.07): :Kd:Kh Raises to $0.62
Villain (BB) ($25.00): Calls

Note: I have Villain tagged as someone who 3-bets and frequently squeezes pre-flop. He is also loose post-flop; I've seem him make some bad calls with marginal hands and also make some big bluffs.

Pot: $1.28
Villain ($24.38) checks. Hero ($24.45) bets $1.00. Villain calls.

Pot: $3.18
Villain ($23.38) donks out for $2.27. Hero ($23.45) calls.

Before I reveal how the rest of the hand played out, I would appreciate some feedback. Would you have played it different? Should I have raise-folded his donk bet on the turn?

My post-hand review
Villian can have almost any two cards here initially. I think my ~80% c-bet is good as I don't want to give him a free card. When he calls, I suspect he has marginal one pair type hands, some JX, and some 7X. It's possible that he turns a straight, but more likely that he turns a marginal hand into a bluff. If I could play it over again, I'd probably raise his turn bet to something like $5.75 and fold to any raise. I see the following benefits to this:
1) He may still call my raise with a worse hand (ie. J8, J9, JT, KJ, AJ)
2) I gain some protection
3) By showing some aggression, it decreases the chances that he fires a large river bet that I may have to fold to

Any feedback would be appreciated!


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