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Online tourney. Villain is a recreational player. 40 left 15 paid. Villain in mp with 30 bb limps sb limps. I'm in BB with :Ad:Kd with 25bbs. I think about jamming here but decide to raise 3.5x. Villain calls sb folds. Flop is :Js:9c:6h . I check. Villain snap checks.
What does his snap check mean?
My assumptions;

His limp call range contains small pairs, Broadway hands, connectors.
2-2 - 5-5. I don't think these hands snap check. They will consider bluffing.
Hands like 10-q, 10-8, 7-8, 5-7, k-10 would also think about betting.
9x and 6x would consider betting.
hands like j-10, j-q, j-k might snap check What other hands snap check flop?

Turn is a blank and for some stupid reason I decide to bet half pot. Villain snap calls.
What hands in his range snap call?
In my opinion villain is capped at jx. 2 pair hands or better would consider raising.

What do you guys think. Are my assumption wrong. What hands are I missing from his range. Are timing tells even a thing. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

I thought about none of this stuff during the hand itself it was only after that I was watching a streamer and they made a decision based on a timing tell. That got me thinking about this hand and timing tells, I never really considered timing tells before, but it seems that against certain opponents they can be very useful in helping break down opponents range.



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    I think rapid actions can contain info (long pauses may just mean a reg is dealing with their other tables first). The problem is, like many other tells you ideally want them calibrated for the player.

    In this instance, position means your opponent has had time to think about their action while you make your decision, which tends to minimize the likely info it contains.
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