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I know the standard for $1/$2 is at least a $4,000 bankroll.
I have $5,100.
I want to get to $8,000 and THEN press the start button. That way I can have 40 buy-ins.
What advice do you have or would you give to a brand new player trying to make a serious run at a Poker Career in terms of bankroll management?

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    TheGameKat wrote: »
    kenaces wrote: »
    1) don't try to play full-time for a living
    2) Focus on constantly improving your skill and therefore your WR, which is a critical factor in the BR equations that no one ever talks about
    3) spend less than you earn and invest the difference

    I have been a fulltime pro for 10 years and I have worked hard on #2 and #3. I believe this is why I am still on the grind. People get caught up with the X# buy-ins discussion and forget the really important stuff like improving WR and saving money.

    A losing player needs an extremely large number of buy-ins to avoid going broke.

    Yes :)

    And a very good player needs a MUCH smaller BR.
  • kenaceskenaces Red Chipper Posts: 1,576 ✭✭✭✭
    Red wrote: »
    A bankroll for a pro player cash game - so if your sole income is from poker - should be more between 50 to 100 full buy-in (table max). Lower than that, you face a (big) risk of ruin.

    Like I said above it depends more on your WR and your spending rate.

    If you have a look at ROR formula, and Kelly's criteria formula you will see how central these two factors are.

    A player who has large WR, and spends much less than he/she earns will need a much smaller BR than 100 buyins. Mathematics of Poker by Chen still has the best material on BR I have seen anywhere if anyone is interested in more details.

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