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Seldom has a poker concept had such a direct impact on my game, I'm just getting back to semi-serious study and I started by reviewing core courses I had already visited some time back. Yesterday morning I reviewed SPR wrapping up just before noon.

12 PM Weekly Accumulator Day 1A ($22) 1110 players, 64th
1 PM Daily Special 8K GTD ($2.20) 2490 players, 25th

Early on, everyone has 100 BB in DS, 333 BB in WA, but as the play moved on, down into hours 6 and 7 when the shorter stacks were 6 - 24 BB, and I was in good shape with 80-100 BB, I was paying close attention to who was putting chips into the pot and what the stack sizes were for the various players and what that meant for my hand selection.

Normally at 100 BB and with JTs in the cutoff or button, I wouldn't mind calling the re-raise to 6 BB a more open-ranged player in front of me might make. However, with SPR in mind and looking at the 16 BB of the opening raiser I could see that if there was any contention to this pot, there was no way it would not go to 16 BB, the effective stack size.

Now I look at JTs and ask myself, is this worth risking 16% of my stack? Truth be told, almost no hand below KK, AA and the like is worth that. Hence, a hand I would gladly play in Hours 1 or 2 becomes an easy fold.

As the hours rolled on, I used this more and more to keep me from highly risky bets, calls, raises.

Thanks, RCP.


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