Fixing my own mistakes

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So iv been playing online for one week now and it hasent been the best experience lol iv made a lot of mistakes , I'm doing things that I know are mistakes but I'm doing them anyway but most of the mistakes seem to be happening postflop for example calling people of when I shouldn't be , continuing in the hand when I shouldn't be but I think that it's maybe pre flop mistakes leaking over into postflop would I be right in assuming that ? And if that's the case really studying and getting pre flop down would fix my postflop mistakes well at least some of them I know that I still have to make the right decisions ? Just looking for abit of feedback


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    Instead of wasting ur $ being a fish just sign up for CORE. Apply yourself, and you'll see your results change
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    I am signed up to core , but I'm thinking of fixing mistakes that iv been making postflop and are really probably coming from preflop decisions I'm going to stop playing everyday and go back to the parts of Level one that I think will help my win rate the most
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    You might also check out the first few videos of Miller's series. But to respond to your question, if you get preflop wrong, nothing good is going to happen.
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  • StrainerStrainer Red Chipper Posts: 19 ✭✭
    @TheGameKat thank you I'll check it out
  • blindraiseblindraise Red Chipper Posts: 285 ✭✭
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    Preflop mistakes inevitably compound into postflop mistakes.

    If you haven't completed core complete it. If you have start applying what you've learned by messing around in equilab.

    If your mistakes are pre, they're fairly easy to correct. Just start plugging hands into equilab and see how equity compares, either against a single hand or a range.

    Also if you don't have PT4 or some sort of poker tracking software you're shooting yourself in the foot as a beginning player.

    Get HUD software now that way even if you don't get it now you will have a sample size of your own frequencies once you start figuring this game out.

    Oh and it helps to have a notebook just to scribble down thoughts, it's easier to retain info if you're writing down somewhere

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