Math Workbook: Answer Key Error?

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Making my way through CORE and SplitSuit's Preflop/Math workbook. Thanks for all the amazing content!

I have a question about the "%-pot" Answers in the "Raises" section (starting on page 106). I'm pretty sure the way %-pot for raises is calculated is not totally correct.

For instance, let's look at the example given on page 105: Starting pot is 700, I bet 400, and opponent raises.

A pot-sized raise would raise to 1900 total, giving me 2:1 odds (call 1500 to win 3000) and I'd need 33% equity to continue. The %-pot calculated for the raise-to-1900 is, naturally, 100%. I've noted here that the pot odds and equity relative to the % of the pot are unchanged from regular bets–if I had just checked and then faced a regular pot-sized bet (700 into 700, or 100% of the pot), I'd still be getting 2:1 and need 33% equity.

Now let's take a look at an opponent raising to 1200. The odds and equity required are correct (2.9:1 and 26%), but notice that all of a sudden the %-pot relationship is broken. The %-pot is calculated as 1200/1900=63%, but a normal 63%-of-pot bet (where I had checked instead of bet) would be giving me 2.6:1 and require 28% equity.

I believe the way the %-pot should be calculated to maintain this relationship is to compare the *raise sizes*, not the *total sizes*. So a 100% pot-sized raise is a raise of 1500 on top of the 400 to call (resulting in 1900, as stated before). And a raise to 1200 is actually a raise of 800 on top of 400 to call. 800 is 53% of 1500, so the %-pot here should be 53%, and this would actually keep the number in line with the odds and equity required. Now the 2.9:1 and 26% are the same whether I'm facing a 53%-pot-bet or a 53%-pot-raise.
The same applies to all of the %-pot calculations provided in the answer key for that section.

I don't know if this is an actual error in the workbook/answer key, but I thought I should bring it to your attention in case you guys meant %-pot differently here.


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