Suggestion for a podcast guest: a behavioral economist

KeyserS023KeyserS023 Red Chipper Posts: 30 ✭✭
I was just listening to the podcast episode about fear (and risk-aversion when it comes to bluffing): In my non-poker life, I teach economics at Boston College, and I was thinking it might be great to get a behavioral economist on to talk about mistakes our brains make, how those affect our poker play, and ways we can "trick" our brain to overcome those mistakes. For example, SplitSuit talks in the episode about risk aversion, and much of what he's discussing would be called "regret aversion" by economists.

One suggestion would be Dan Ariely, who has a great TED talk here that will give some sense about what behavioral economists do (not about poker, but super-interesting): Or he might be able to suggest someone whose work is more applicable to poker.

Anyway, I'm happy to reach out and make introductions if this is something the community might find helpful.


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