Pocket Aces - A Blessing and a Curse

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Hello all, this is my first post in this Forum, and it's regarding a Live Poker Hand I played on Friday June 26th at my local Poker Room. Given how this is my first post, I hope it comes off as coherent, easy-to-read, and structured well for the reader. I read "Hand Histories: Why and How" and hope this post follows the guidelines set out in that article.

Before I dig into this Hand History, I wanted to preface this by saying that I had pocket AA six times in one five-hour session the week prior, and won only two small pots with AA and lost four medium to big pots with pocket AA. I say this because it will give context to this Hand History and how I played/viewed this specific hand. So, here we go...

$1/$2 NLH, 6 handed table. The table was a mix of tight/passive players and a couple of loose/aggressive/splashy players. I play a generally TAG style, while also mixing in some LAG play at times depending on a specific situation, game flow, opponent, and position.

There was a UTG straddle to $5, and UTG+1 (who is the Villain in this Hand History) blind raised to $15 before the cards were dealt. I had been playing with this Villain for about 45 minutes and it was evident early on that he was a splashy, loose/aggressive player that had no problem throwing chips in the pot, even with marginal hands. This Villain's effective stack was $410 to start this hand.

So, Villain (UTG +1) blind raises to $15. The CO folds and I am on the Button and look down at :Ah:As. My effective stack was $375 to start the hand. This is an unusual spot for a $1/$2 game, as there are rarely blind raises to $15 preflop, but it does happen from time to time. I raise on the Button to $45 (3x) and it folds all the way around to the Villain in the UTG+1 position, who calls my $45 raise.

The flop comes :Jh:Td:9s. Villain checks it over to me and I decide to C-bet $45 (just under half pot) into a $97 pot, on a very wet board. The Villain doesn't think too long before going all-in for a total of $350, which covers me. I don't think too long (maybe 10 seconds) before making the call. He turns over :Jc:9h for two pair.

The turn brought the :9c, leaving me with only two outs :Ad:AC: going to the River. The river was a blank, and he took down the $750 pot.

My mistakes (in my opinion):

1) Not checking back on the flop on a board texture that smashes his perceived range.
2) Not taking the time to think through the situation after he check-raises all-in on the flop.

My question to everyone is:

Is it possible for me to get away from that specific hand with AA against that specific player when he check-raises all-in on the flop? His range could consist of so many hands that I am dominating or at least a coinflip against. He could be going all-in with any of the following hands:

QJ suited
QJ offsuit
Q10 suited
Q10 offsuit
KJ suited
KJ offsuit
AJ suited
AJ offsuit
A10 suited
A10 offsuit
J8 suited
J8 offsuit
J7 suited
J7 offsuit

There were so many combinations of hands that he could have in that spot, so my question to the Forum is: Is there any way I fold and get away from that hand? Or do I just have to call it off and how for the best? His almost 8x raise on the flop was such a polarizing shove, but given this specific player, it was a snap decision for me to call given how he was playing and the type of hands he was showing down prior to that hand taking place.

Thank you for reading this. Any input is appreciated.



  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,499 -
    Since you've gone to the trouble of identifying all his possible combos, why not plug em in to Equilab?

    Broader response: we have a splashy player, but not all splashy players are created equal. Do they play this wide for big bets?
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  • blindraiseblindraise Red Chipper Posts: 283 ✭✭
    The only other outs you have on the flop are tens and running KQ. You block some bluff combos. idk

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