Flatting flop cbet when OOP in a 3b pot

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One of my favorite and most traditional/effective lines to take both in Zone (and cash) is 3b pre, followed with a 25-66% range bet OTF. Some times I'll downbet the flop only to overbet the turn for a double barrel bluff pending on the villain.

This being said, I have a specific question regarding if we find ourselves facing this line OOP in Zone. I say Zone specifically because zone we play against the masses, not any player particularly. For example if we open TT from MP, BTN 3b us, we flat. Flop comes:


If V takes the line I mentioned above here, how often are we defending with TT on a flop like this; against cbets 50% or higher? (again just in zone)? Do we consider 4b in zone with TT in this type of spot even without big blockers?


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    I'm not sure how to address that without population pool numbers. Specifically it's going to depend on button 3-betting %. I've played in live games where, without sufficient stack depth to set mine, people will just fold the TT to the 3-bet, but that's largely a reflection of the absurdly low 3-bet frequency and large sizings.
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    @TheGameKat I can see that, I feel in live games the 3 or even 4b ranges consist of JJ+ to your point about people generally folding out TT. I typically like to flat 3b IP vs OOP of course, but I feel I need to improve on a 3b continuation range to Kenaces post on my other point (78% fold to 3b) I also tend to size up when OOP and 4b with hands like AKo...but will flat with TT at times since I'm not holding any blockers
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    Have you run this scenario in a solver?
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    @BFSkinner apologies for the delay, work has been crazy. To answer your question, I have not. As far as solvers go, I am aware of Pio being the main tool used; and I am familiar with solver tools in financial svcs; so I only imagine Pio serves a similar purpose by producing output from manual input based on millions of different scenarios etc.

    That said, I did discuss this with another group where one individual basically said in this type of scenario above; it's very profitable to take a bet/bet/fold line due to the AQs+,TT+,AKo in the villain's range here.

    Also, I want to revisit the other thread regarding 3betting against a wide range preflop. I think the original reason I was and still do implement that in my game, is to punish the wide ranges when IP particularly. If a maniac at the table is capable of opening TT-AA, but also opens 46s, Q9s, suited aces etc. from UTG; then we can tighten up against them, and when given an oppty to 3b, we can punish their wide ranges when we smash the flop with something like TPTK

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