Line to take with Nut Flush draw on wet board

LsDghLsDgh Red Chipper Posts: 8 ✭✭
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I'm pretty new to poker was hoping for some guidance on the best line to take here with the nut flush draw on a really wet board.
(also I'm aware my stats are a bit off, working on it)

NL Holdem 0.02(BB)
CO ($1.60) [VPIP: 20.2% | PFR: 14.5% | AGG: 35.5% | Hands: 128]
HERO ($1.95) [VPIP: 30.5% | PFR: 21.2% | AGG: 45.3% | | Hands: 723]

Dealt to Hero: :AD::4D:

UTG Folds, HJ Raises To $0.06, CO Folds, BTN Folds, SB Folds, HERO Calls $0.04

Hero SPR on Flop: [14.54 effective]
Flop ($0.13): :KD::TD::QC:
HERO Checks, HJ Checks

So it's my understanding that flush draws are usually a good opportunity to semi-bluff and that firing a bet on the flop is the default. The reason I checked the flop is because the villain hits this board really often considering his range is going to consist of a lot of broadway cards which will make a pair or some sort of draw (i checked this in flopzilla after, seems to be true if my range assumptions are ok). So it might be hard to bluff him here, especially at low stakes where people call really wide.
I figured that seeing a free turn card was move advantageous to me than him. Plus I reckon he's more likely to lead into me on turn/river since I'm not repping a strong hand and he'll be looking for value meaning if I do pick up the flush it'll be easy to build a big pot.

Turn ($0.13): :KD::TD::QC::8H:
HERO Bets $0.07 (Rem. Stack: $1.82), HJ Calls $0.07 (Rem. Stack: $1.84)

River ($0.27): :KD::TD::QC::8H::6H:
HERO Bets $0.17 (Rem. Stack: $1.65), HJ Calls $0.17 (Rem. Stack: $1.67)

The turn and river don't go my way and it's here I'm most uncomfortable with my decision making. I'm thinking my bet sizing wasn't big enough on the river to get much fold equity. Overbet might be better here or maybe I shouldn't be bluffing at all. There are some other flush and straight draws he could have missed and some weakish pairs he can still have that a bluff would work on though.

HJ shows: :9D::9C:

HJ wins: $0.59

Ends up taking the bluffing route from the flop with my hand could've worked really well. Is my logic above flawed or would bluffing have landed me in more trouble a lot of the time.

Cheers for any input,


  • BFSkinnerBFSkinner Red Chipper Posts: 118 ✭✭
    The problem is the board. KQT hits the PF raiser very hard and they will likely call you down with any K they raised with and AQ, QJ etc.

    If you bluff here, what kind of story are you trying to tell? What did you hit here?

    Ask yourself how you play AJ on this board
  • Bruce3_Bruce3_ Red Chipper Posts: 9 ✭✭
    Why bluff on the turn? If you decided he was going to call you on the flop the 8 didn't change it. If I'm reading this right, I think once you decided not to bet the flop you had to check it down.
  • LsDghLsDgh Red Chipper Posts: 8 ✭✭
    Thanks guys.
    What you've said makes sense. My approach here was really poor. Check down was probably the best play.
    If I had AJ here the most likely approach is to value bet all 3 streets since I know he'll be calling down with high pairs and draws. Plus I wouldn't want him to catch a flush draw for free. So the bluff on the flop isn't going to be convincing regardless of the sizing.
    I think I had other good advice lingering in my head which I misappropriated to this scenario.
  • RyanH1995RyanH1995 Red Chipper Posts: 86 ✭✭
    When you defend your BB you generally don't want to have a leading range on most boards and especially a flop like this. You're correct in thinking that your opponent will have a lot of strong hands on this flop as his range will have a ton of big pairs and broadway cards. After he checks the flop your turn probe is fine. On the flop he most likely bets his sets, two pairs, straights and better flush draws so he shouldn't have many strong hands on the turn. He most likely has a weak pair or some kind of weak draw. I would give up on the river, having diamonds in your hand is not good as your river bet is trying to fold out those kind of hands. Your opponent made an extremely loose call on the river so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
  • ulysses27ulysses27 Red Chipper Posts: 114 ✭✭
    I think defending from the BB against a HJ raise is fine because v should have a wider range. Pre flop I would consider a 3 bet. You have an A which works as a blocker but calling is OK too. When v checks the flop he has capped his range. This gives you the possibility of check raising the turn. This makes your hand look much stronger and you still have outs to the nuts plus it puts v middle pairs in a tough spot. If he calls then you have to decide how likely v is to fold to a strong river bet or shove. If he's sticky then give up if not then it might be worth the bet. If he calls your bluff that can work to your advantage on other hands since they know you are capable of bluffing the river.

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