Best methods in 3Betting???

RandonRiversRandonRivers BlackburnRed Chipper Posts: 17 ✭✭
Hi all.
I have started to increase my 3betting and squeezing.
Am I right in thinking I should be 3 betting a polorized range against regs and cold calling some hands in between like say QTs and I should be 3 bettting a depolarized range against the rec players. So I'm just taking advantage or having range advantage against them?
Also Squeezing I have been waiting for a reg who opens too wide in one position to raise and a reg to flat call as my spots to squeeze as the PFR will be too wide to defend as much and the other reg would of 3bet himself if he had a decent hand. So most of the time both don't have hands that can take pressure.
Have I got the right basic guidelines to help me start to up my frequency in them spots? Is there any other info you think will help me to look out for or alter slightly to improve my success rate?


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