JJ vs UTG raiser

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A hand against an unknown villain, causing me questions on every street.

UTG: $10.00 (100 bb)
Hero (MP): $21.64 (216.4 bb)
CO: $9.95 (99.5 bb)
BTN: $21.20 (212 bb)
SB: $11.52 (115.2 bb)
BB: $12.85 (128.5 bb)

SB posts $0.05, BB posts $0.10

Pre Flop: (pot: $0.15) Hero has Jclub4.gif Jheart4.gif
UTG raises to $0.30,

UTG is 40/30 over just 11 hands, raising twice from SB and once from UTG.

Do we call or 3bet?

Hero raises to $1.05, 4 folds, UTG calls $0.75

Flop: ($2.25, 2 players) 8spade4.gif 5spade4.gif Tdiamond4.gif
UTG checks,

His calling range is preflop is at least TT-QQ, AK. Probably also medium pairs and perhaps other broadways. Agree?

Assuming we c-bet, how much?

Hero bets $0.80, UTG calls $0.80

I'm looking for calls of 77, 99, flushdraws, broadways with backdoor flushdraws and protect against overs. If he does have broadways in his range then I think an unknown is more likely to call KQ/KJ/QJ than KT/QT/JT. So I bet slightly over 1/3.

Turn: ($3.85, 2 players) 4diamond4.gif
UTG checks,

Do we bet again? How much?

The 4 brings the backdoor flush and the occassional straight for random 67s, so I think this is quite a safe card. I bet again for the same reasons as on the flop.

Maybe I can size up a bit as he'll call or fold medium PP's regardless of bet size. Same for draws.

Hero bets $1.21, UTG calls $1.21

River: ($6.27, 2 players) Tclub4.gif
UTG bets $3.00 (without much hesitation)

8spade4.gif 5spade4.gif Tdiamond4.gif 4diamond4.gif Tclub4.gif

I think as a bluff he'd shove, so he is either block betting 'or' value betting, but I'm not sure what to put in his donkbet range here.

- Tx: definitely, let's say 4 combos (JTs, QTs)
- QQ: some, though c/evaluate often too, let's say 3 combos
- JJ: ...
- slow played sets 88/TT that also decide not to shove the river....hardly
- some random pairs that don't want to c/c a shove and hope I have a missed draw?

His line is quite odd. Maybe I provoked something with the 1/3s ?


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