Bread & Butter - Data Mining Summary

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Who wants to play a game of "SMALL SAMPLE SIZE BINGO"???

Since I finished Level II of Core I went back to the beginning to really try and dive deep into the concepts. Since Bread & Butter situations is the topic I've been studying, I did some data mining and spreadsheeting. I went back through my PT4 database (small, about 2500 hands) and pulled out the hands at the table that were B&B. I've summarized the results here.

A few notes:

- I understand this is likely diving deep into a concept that may not require such scrutiny. But I did get a lot of value just watching hands play out and seeing places where I should have considered 3-betting or raising IP to get into B&B.

- I find it interesting that the HJ position has the highest Win%. Small sample size but I wonder if it's because BU and CO are often seen as steals and thus get played back at more than HJ. Thoughts?

- I'm surprised at how frequently the flop is won with a bet. I knew it was high but this is higher than I expected in my head.

- Also find it interesting that flops with 2+ Non-Ace B'way cards are won more frequently. I would think those flops hit callers more frequently resulting in them calling down but I suppose since most B&B is isolating the Blinds, those boards look even scarier.

I'd love any other takeaways, thoughts, questions etc... I also have a sheet with action combos (i.e. Check, Bet, Bet etc.) but there's not a lot of data on any one combo to make any conclusions.



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    Thanks for sharing this, beigs, very interesting. I hope you continue amassing a database.

    Couple of thoughts. I mentioned a while back that when I was allowed to use PT, my BTN W% was lower than the same stat from CO. At the time I attributed this to an overly wide BTN range, but your analysis raises a point I've recently been wondering about.

    Given that PT4 specifically identifies "steals", I think it quite likely the online community has been overly tuned to regard opens from CO/BTN with suspicion, such that they may well be taking aggressive counter-measures. To put it another way, your opens from the last three positions may be with completely reasonable ranges, but the last two spots are being responded to differently.

    Winning on the flop with a bet at high frequency I think is something Jones has pointed out in some of his PRO material. I believe it's a known overfolding tendency in the population.
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