Hand from 7/30 Study Group Game (76s vs KQo 230BB deep)

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Our group hasn't posted any hands in a while, but here is one from last night:

6 handed 0.02/0.04 NLH on pppoker
Players of Interest:
SB: :Jc:Jd (10.00/250 BB effective)

BB: :7s:6s (10.00/250 BB effective)

LJ: :Kd:Qh ( 9.20/230 BB)

BU: :8d:6d ( 9.60/240 BB)

SB post 0.02
BB post 0.04
LJ open to 0.12
HJ raise to 0.36
CO fold
BU call 0.36
SB call 0.34
BB call 0.32
LJ call 0.24
Pot (1.80, SPR~5.5 SB/BB, ~5.3 BU, ~5.1 LJ)

Flop: :8s:Qd:9s

SB check
BB check
LJ bet 0.90
HJ fold
BU call 0.90
SB call 0.90
BB raise to 9.64 (effective)
LJ call call 8.84 (all-in)
BU fold
SB fold
BB returned 0.80
Pot 19.48


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