JJ Against 4 Bet PF

cmanganocmangano Red Chipper Posts: 38 ✭✭
Zone, 5NL, 6 Max. Assume standard micro players

Hero is dealt :Jh:Js in BB

100BB Effective stacks

HJ Raises 3 BB
Button Calls
SB Calls
Hero squeezes for 20 BB
HJ 4 bets 48BB
Button and SB fold

And here we are gross. There is already 77BB in the pot and I have to call 28BB so I am getting almost 3:1. If I call the SPR is going to be about 1 so I am pretty much committed. So maybe calling is the worst option, maybe shove or fold are my choices? Maybe now that I look back this is a fold? What's his realistic 4bet range here? KK+/AK+?


  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 3,669 -
    My guess is your 3-bet is too big so you get trapped in no-man's land.
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  • BFSkinnerBFSkinner Red Chipper Posts: 128 ✭✭
    Your squeeze is pretty large. 13.5-15bb gets the job done as well as 20bb and saves chips when you get 4-bet. This is part of the reason you felt so gross when he 4-bet.

    Also, you are getting ~3:1 on your immediate call, however when you call you are effectively committing the rest of your stack.
  • cmanganocmangano Red Chipper Posts: 38 ✭✭
    My normal 3 bet/squeeze size in this spot would be 12-15 BB but considering the 2 limpers I made it bigger. So ya, looks like that is where the mistake was made.

    Thank you both for your replies.
  • blindraiseblindraise Red Chipper Posts: 302 ✭✭
    If something like this happens again though I'd say the price laid is good enough to commit. Just click rebuy before the hands over lol

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