Ice cream cartons

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I don't know how many of you are aware, but some time ago, they changed a half gallon to be only 1.5 quarts. All ice cream eaters know this is absolutely ridiculous. It's just such an inconvenient size. You run out exactly when you don't want to, and you can never get enough in that last serving (typically the third serving).

1.5 quart ice cream is 65BB, SPR 7.

Of course the price of ice cream never went down. It was really just disgraceful. Like they thought I wouldn't notice my last serving was only 1 little scoop!

I buy Blue Bell now sometimes, even though it's kind of hard to find. It's really expensive, but it's the principle of the thing. And you gotta appreciate them outing the industry by putting "Still a half gallon" right on the label.


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    I can honestly say I wasn't expecting to learn anything about ice cream today...but I appreciated this fact =)
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  • jeffncjeffnc Red Chipper Posts: 5,008 ✭✭✭✭✭ ... allon.html

    lol at 16 servings though. Maybe for 16 midgets that just got done with Bellagio's buffet. But it is a good 4 servings.
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    Breyer's changed their formula, it used to be 100% natural and printed that on the label, it now says "Quality" For a while it couldn't be called "Ice Cream" because it didn't meet the standard, they changed it to "Frozen Dairy Dessert" or something.

    It might have been changed back recently but I was surprised when I saw this.

    But this isn't just ice cream, all products have been reducing the amount they give you, they raise the price and give you less. (But there isn't any inflation!)
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    Wow, you're right, I never even noticed that. I can kind of understand part of the problem when they start dealing with Heath Bars and Oreos and other ingredients they didn't make. But I think there's more to it than that!
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    Oreos don't taste the same anymore! They would sell more because I would eat more. They don't call me groceries for nothing! I eat less oreos now because it just doesn't taste the same. Bring back the trans is -EV without them!!
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    They are reducing the size of every product and I have noticed this for a while.

    Keebler Rainbow Chip Deluxe cookies at one time came with three M&Ms in each cookie. Now most of the cookies have two M&Ms, three or four in the package come with three M&Ms.

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