Coach w34z3l 2020 PRO video discussion thread

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As mentioned in the PRO update thread, we'll have a flurry of videos from coach w34z3l in the coming weeks. Questions, comments and discussion can be dropped below. I'll update this post with links to the new material as it's published.

8/11. Defending versus 3-Bets.

8/18. Playing versus 4-Bets.

9/1. Playing In 4-Bet Pots.

9/8. Defending versus 5-Bets.

9/15. 4-Bet Pots CREV Analysis.

9/22. Commitment Decisions.

10/6. Bluff-Catching Metrics.

10/13. C-Bet And Barrel Analysis.

10/20. Drilling OOP As The Cold Caller.

11/3. Dismantling Turn Probes.

11/10. Drilling IP As The Caller.

11/17. Drilling OOP As The PFR

12/1. Fine Tuning Float Bets.

12/8. Fine Tuning Probe Bets.

12/15. Drilling Flop Raise C-Bets.

12/22. Drilling Turn Raises Vs. C-Bets.
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  • ihasaKAROTihasaKAROT Red Chipper Posts: 9 ✭✭
  • Ori13_TTVOri13_TTV PennsylvaniaRed Chipper Posts: 94 ✭✭
  • Ori13_TTVOri13_TTV PennsylvaniaRed Chipper Posts: 94 ✭✭
    Oh, and if requests are being taken, id love to see a video on how to manage complexity or in other words simplifying very complex situations for the purpose of practical implementations
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 4,448 -
    So some sort of GTO simplification, taking solver output with mind-bending mixed strategies and converting them to something humans can use in the heat of the game?
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  • Ori13_TTVOri13_TTV PennsylvaniaRed Chipper Posts: 94 ✭✭
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 4,448 -
    Yeah we can do that. But I like to find specialists for given subject areas.

    *waves magic wand*

    Yup, no problem, we'll have something up by the end of the month.

    [for real]
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  • Ori13_TTVOri13_TTV PennsylvaniaRed Chipper Posts: 94 ✭✭
    edited August 2020
    I think thats something thats pretty well in w34z3l's wheelhouse as far as i can tell. Maybe not necessarily starting from a solver output but just in terms of building ranges in general. I was in a group coaching session recently where there was a hand that a solver would have given you one of those super complex outputs, but it would say check 80% of the time or something but the coach in this group session said its better just to check 100% of your range there because youre so much less likely to make mistakes that way and only sacrificing a minuscule amount of EV by making that adjustment. That concept is something I want to explore more. Thats of course an extreme example but if you think about the game tree on a given flop you have bet-call, bet-fold, check-fold, check-call, check-raise-call, check-raise-fold, check-raise-jam... and then all the turn continuation strategies and river continuation strategies that each branch from the prievious branches. thats a lot to think about, any way to simplify the game tree without sacrificing EV and/or leaving parts of your range on some of those branches too weak
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 4,448 -
    I should perhaps explain that our production process, from contracting a content creator to the product appearing on the site, takes some time, and that the fact we have something coming up soon along the lines you suggest is a happy coincidence.

    Actually, it's a bit more than that. This is a direction of great interest in poker. You as a well-informed subscriber have realized that, and we've to some extent preempted it.

    Our next email with have further details.
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  • LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 657 ✭✭✭
    Been away for a while so missed all of this. Definitely going to catch up with all these videso :) happy to see Adam make long videos again. The c-betting/barreling analysis video was top-notch.
  • LeChiffreLeChiffre NetherlandsRed Chipper Posts: 657 ✭✭✭
    Absolutely in love with the 4 most recent videos.

    w34z3l has really made me think on a different level about by game. I really like his insinstence on protection in particular as a general framework for thinking about how to play certain hands. I've always felt that somehow it's not enough to just c-bet flops with vulnerable holdings -- why only on the flop? -- and these videos have really given me the insight to extend this idea in more spots.

    The structure of these videos is also great. Rather than a slide presentation I like the hands-on approach, diving purely into hand histories and explaining strategy on the way. You lose the bullet point take-aways of course but you can easily make them yourself based on what is explained. Besides, having actual hand examples helps a lot, because some spots are simply close and a slide presentation doesn't explain how to deal with those spots.

    Honestly w34z3l is just one of the best-kept secrets in poker training.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 4,448 -
    Part of our upgrade of PRO will see select videos/courses with CORE-like text. We make the bullet points so you don't have to. Or something.

    But, yes. Thanks for the feedback. I completely agree. Lots of material that is both cutting edge, but also accessible and actionable.
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  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 4,448 -
    Alrighty everyone, that's the complete set of coach w34z3l 2020 PRO video releases.

    Next week is Doug's long-form on How Solvers Work.

    I've been really impressed by our video output the last few months and can tell you 2021 is also looking to be cutting edge and compelling.

    Cheers ~ Kat
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  • RussRuss Red Chipper Posts: 175 ✭✭✭
    Does Kenaces have any vids in the pipeline? He mentioned a few future ones in his first video.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Posts: 4,448 -
    Russ wrote: »
    Does Kenaces have any vids in the pipeline? He mentioned a few future ones in his first video.

    I'm not aware of anything definitive in the production schedule, but we're always happy to respond to popular demand.
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