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I have been playing poker on and off for a year or two but not really taking it seriously. I joined Upswing Poker at the start of lock down and I learned so much from the Lab there however I feel that it is a little bit more advanced for where I am at so i decided to leave and join the CORE. The main reason is that i wanted to start again, from the bottom and build back up, but this time not skipping the basics and this time actually study. What appealed to me about the CORE was how user friendly the site is and easy it is to follow and understand. Already the first Session 'The MATH' has just opened my eyes to what i was doing completely wrong and even the second lesson on SPR. I didn't even realize its importance particularly in the micro stakes when most players have shorter stacks. I am going to try use this Forum as my study tool to force me to post hands, results, what I'm studying etc. I would love to hear from anyone that is starting out on the same path. I am open to small study groups if some are interested but that can be further down the line. Happy Grinding!!


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    Everyone here was (or will be at) your current point in your poker journey. I think you'll find this community, along with CORE, will help you negotiate the path.
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    My goals for this week:

    1. Watch through all level 1 videos and take notes on each.
    2. Play 500 hands per day.
    3. Mark hands for review and post 2 per day.
    4. Listen to 5 Podcasts from red chip poker.

    I found this hand interesting because it is normally a spot where i call down because i have an overpair. I tried thinking of my equity on each street vs what V could have. I put him on sets, FD and possibly 10s so i had equity vs this range however on the R we are dead vs all their value range (Full house and str). With having the Js we remove alot of their FD combos j9s,jts,ajs,kjs,qjs and jt combos. Even though he min raised Flop it was into two players and his contiunued aggression leans towards more value than bluffs. If we have AA or KK here i think we can call because V could have JJ or QQ that we beat.

  • Mulroyj2Mulroyj2 Red Chipper Posts: 28 ✭✭
    Session 1 on Zoom 5nl. Down 3 Bis. Going to have a stop loss at 3 bi and stop at plus 3 bi. Felt i was on a downward spiral where i couldn't win any pots or hit any hands. With the new info it is difficult to use it in game but i will study more and more. bought flopzilla so going to post a couple of hands that i think i played poorly. I think oop i need to be more careful with stabbing and cbetting.
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    Suggest you post hands on this board, more people will see them.
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    I wrote many of the initial quizzes for CORE and as such I went through the entire program myself. There is something to be said for reviewing the fundamentals again. This is a complicated game.
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