GTO Deviations by w34z3l. Suggested videos/resources.

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Hey everyone.

The first of three long-form presentations by coach w34z3l will be published 9/29. Topics to be covered are listed below. Please drop any questions you have on these topics in this thread, and we'll incorporate them in the Q&A section at the end of the presentation.

Thanks ~ Kat

This group coaching session will demonstrate how to establish approximations of GTO play in various scenarios and discuss when it makes sense to deviate heavily from GTO.

Session itinerary

- How do we establish rough GTO frequencies for a given scenario?
- How do we know if we should be deviating from GTO in a given scenario?
- Common scenarios where deviation from GTO might be warranted.
- Exploitation guide (crash course version)
- How do we know if villain is counter adjusting?
- Deviation vs simplification, what's the difference?
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    The scheduled recording time for this presentation is one week from today. Please drop any questions before 8/30 so I can forward them to coach w34z3l.

    Thanks ~ Kat
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    Last call for questions on this GCS before we move to recording.
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    As requested, for the upcoming PRO long-form presentations by coach w34z3l, I'll be suggesting some background material that might be helpful in getting the most out of them. Direct links provided for your convenience.

    For this first presentation, the theme is deviations from GTO play, so some background on the nature of GTO play is likely useful. Many of you have already got your feet wet in this area, but if not, I'd suggest starting with the August GCS:

    Kenaces. Simplifying Poker With GTO+.

    If you really want to see what w34z3l is deviating from, we also have our in-depth crash course:

    Hull/Brokos/Glover. GTO Crash Course.

    For a quick intro to game theory, the first video has you covered, whereas the videos by Glover illustrate that understanding GTO solutions is the first step in deviating from them to look for player-dependent exploits. Something that will be a theme in the September presentation.

    Other videos:

    Jones. Exploitation Fundamentals. A useful primer to exploitative play.

    Sweeney. From Range To Exploit. One of the first presentations in this series, well worth watching for multiple reasons, but pertinent to the current topic.

    Jones (series). Player Pool Analysis. Five videos on where your opponents are making errors and how you can exploit them.

    And finally, for those of you with limited time, here are a couple of podcasts that will provide a useful foundation:

    Jones/Shaw. GTO For Small-Stakes Poker Players.

    Jones/Shaw. Exploitative Poker Explained.

    Enjoy ~ Kat
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    Not sure where to submit this request, but I know Adam Jones did his defending 3 bet and 4 bet series. It has been very helpful, however, can Jones do a video or webinar on how to play in 3bet pots post flop? Showing hands and how to proceed in certain situations. I have been playing 100nl online and 3 bets are pretty big (SPR's are usually around 4 with 100BB stacks). How to proceed in these hands post, especially when you have a draw or brick the flop would be very helpful.
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    We have a CREV analysis video in the pipeline of postflop lines in 4-bet pots, I think that might fit the bill.
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    Comes out on Tuesday
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  • CriminalBizzyCriminalBizzy Las VegasRed Chipper Posts: 16 ✭✭
    Tomorrow Tuesday or 29th Tuesday?
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    Tomorrow Tuesday or 29th Tuesday?

    4-bet pots: CREV analysis is live now.
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