GTO Deviations by w34z3l. Suggested videos/resources. Published!

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Hey everyone.

The first of three long-form presentations by coach w34z3l will be published 9/29. Topics to be covered are listed below. Please drop any questions you have on these topics in this thread, and we'll incorporate them in the Q&A section at the end of the presentation.

Thanks ~ Kat

This group coaching session will demonstrate how to establish approximations of GTO play in various scenarios and discuss when it makes sense to deviate heavily from GTO.

Session itinerary

- How do we establish rough GTO frequencies for a given scenario?
- How do we know if we should be deviating from GTO in a given scenario?
- Common scenarios where deviation from GTO might be warranted.
- Exploitation guide (crash course version)
- How do we know if villain is counter adjusting?
- Deviation vs simplification, what's the difference?
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