Low SPR - when to get it in with Aces

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5NL on Bovada.

Hero has Aces in the LJ
2 limpers
Hero raises to 6BB.
The 2 limpers call.

Pot: 20BB
Flop: 689 with 2 diamonds. Hero has the Ace of diamonds.

First limper bets 10BB. He has 40BB Behind. This guy is the donkey at the table. He's got a VPIP of 95 over the first 25 or so hands.

2nd limper folds...

With the SPR low (2.5) I feel like i'm committed with my over pair and BD NFD.

In situations like this, when is it best to get my stack in? If you shove now, you run the risk that the donkey was spewing with air and might find a fold. But it's a draw heavy board... Still, is it better to call then shove any turn against someone who's range is extremely wide on the flop?



  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,873 -
    After you call, there is 40BB in the pot if you are heads up. The effective stacks are also 40BB.

    There is not really a meaningful raise that does not commit you both to the pot. It is really just a matter of style at this point when you get it in. You are wondering how to keep in his airballs.

    But the other side of that is you will pay off a myriad of draws on the turn when you could be committing him to the draw now. Your hand is likely about 40-60 favorite over his calling range of top pair+ and OESD+ and combos on his 25% truncated limp-call range PF.

    Just get it in.
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