PokerStars Exchange Rates

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This might have been posted already, but I couldn't find it, and thought it might be useful for you guys.

I've been playing on Stars and 888, and decided to stop playing 888 because of how slow the games take to fill as I progress through the stakes. Mind, I'm still only talking $5 9 player SnG, and I've been monitoring the $10 games, which takes an age (30 mins+) to start each table, so no hope there. I still remember playing the $4.50 180s on Stars constantly, with about a 5 minute fill time. Darn you Black Friday!

Anyway, I found myself looking into the exchange rates for cashing out, as I'd set up a USD account with TransferWise to transfer $ out (I'm based in the UK). Unfortunately I couldn't use this as this account is actually based in the US, and they need to pay into a UK account. So I get stung on their currency conversion rate.

Then I started looking at the best way to deposit the 888 roll to Stars and realised I was getting hit there too. Basically, you get spanked every which way!

But... there is a work around on Stars!!! If you change your preferred currency to be the same as your debit card, or payment type currency, make the deposit, and then convert within Stars, you receive a much better rate than just paying in and converting straight through the deposit.

I'm assuming this is the same for withdrawals.

Some of you may say that it's a waste of time, and you can lose more in one hand, but why give them more than you need to? They make good money with the rake 😉.

I hope this helps a few of you, and keep your hard earned cash in your bankroll.


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